In 1901, Llewellyn George founded the Portland School of Astrology

"Astrology is the connecting link between the Human and the Divine. It is a spiritual science couched in finite terms for the understanding of mortals struggling toward the light of a better day." -Llewellyn George

the first recorded Astrology school in Oregon. He also founded Llewellyn Publishing and began to publish the first modern books on the subject. George emerged as the champion of a more scientific approach, moving away from an astrology based on hermetic philosophy. Llewellyn Publishing grew as the primary publisher of Astrological texts and  Llewellyn George moved the publishing house to Los Angeles in 1920, leaving behind the Portland School of Astrology. Llewellyn Publishing is still the largest New Age publisher in the world today and as Llewellyn George has done so much to advance Astrological thought, in 2013 I wanted to honor our first Portland-based teacher, Llewellyn George, calling the school I founded the Portland School of Astrology.

With my podcast and blog Cosmophilia, my work with and serving for three years on the board of the Oregon Astrological Association, people were consistently asking me for suggestions on how or where to learn astrology that's inclusive, consecutive and structured. One thing became very clear to me: there is no easy way to learn astrology. After hearing the same struggle that even established astrologers had, I decided that something needed to be done to pass this knowledge down, to keep the principle of the practice moving through time, in a linear, structured and accessible way.

The Portland School of Astrology has a clear mission to bring Astrology to the lay-person and to empower that person with a well-rounded education, developing the student into a practitioner. With my professional work as a trainer and facilitator, I realized that we needed to teach astrology in a classroom format with an emphasis on different learning styles, as well as having a holistic model that includes music, visual art, somatic movement, food, journals, case study experientials, meditation, in conjunction with the standard lectures, powerpoints and instruction. We needed not only to intellectually understand Astrology, but we also needed to imbibe Astrology.

The Portland School of Astrology provides the structure, format and support that one cannot obtain simply by learning Astrology the conventional way: reading plenty of books, listening to podcasts, attending lectures of varying skill levels, having conversations on online forums and even online astrology programs. Portland School of Astrology teaches you everything from the ground up. PSA also introduces students to more advance thought and practice in the Field of Astrology such as Evolutionary Astrology, Business Astrology, Medical Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Esoteric Astrology, Astro*carto*graphy, Vedic Astrology, Astroseismology, Classical Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Biodynamics, and many more to help discover interest and foster talent of each student. (Check the 1st-Year Program tab for specific information on our 101 program.)

Portland School of Astrology also understands that community, networking and participation are essential and has created partnerships with the Oregon Astrological Association, Association for Astrological Networking and other key astrologers in Portland to help students become familiar with their resources outside of PSA to assist in growing personally and professionally.

This school is my passion. I would be honored if you came and studied with us. Please check out all the links for more information and contact me if you have any questions. 

Much love, 

Jaysen Paulson

founder, Portland School of Astrology


2016/2017 School Year:

  • Our annual Jen Gouvea Memorial fundraiser brings in $1,500 for the community!
  • We have five cohorts of program students including a newly added 3rd-Year.
  • PSA 5th Annual Conference: Queer Astrology conference.

2016/2017 School Year:

  • Our annual Jen Gouvea Memorial fundraiser brings in $1,250 for the community!
  • We have three cohorts of program students.
  • PSA 4th Annual Conference: Astro-Playground, embodiment methods of astrology. Keynote speaker is Rhea Wolf, Zyon Gray and Gretchen Lawlor. 

2015/2016 School Year:

  • We open the school year with our annual open house and fundraiser ZEDTalks.
  • We begin a new 1st-Year cohort, and the newly launched 2nd-Year Program as well as enroll for a second weekday cohort for the 1st-Year Program which begins in January.
  • PSA 3rd Annual Conference Weekend focuses on Traditional Astrology topics. Keynote speaker is Chris Brennan.

2014/2015 School Year:

  • ZED Talks Open House + Fundraiser on September 14th.
  • PSA is mentioned in local publication PQ Monthly.
  • The second cohort begins the 1st-Year Program in October.
  • PSA builds a partnership with Portland Art Museum and begins a weekly project and quarterly tours of art that illustrate the astrological archetypes with Jaysen Paulson.
  • We lost our dear friend, teacher and astro co-conspirer Jen Gouvea
  • PSA begins holding classes in it's first monthly rented space in Hollywood with Winter Term.
  • Culinary Cosmos community Japanese dinner serves 14 courses to 20 people.
  • PSA 2nd Annual Conference is Astro Diagnosis Medical Astrology Conference is held with keynote Andrea L. Gehrz in February.
  • 2nd Annual Symposium Astrology with the Oregon Astrological Association hosts Gary Lorentzen, Lauren Sage Balin, Aubrie De Clerck, Andrea L. Gehrz and Christine Cook.
  • PSA Represent!: This year, Portland School of Astrology was at the Oregon Astrological Association, NW Magical Conference, Portland Art Museum, OMSI Star Party, and PrideNW March.

2013/2014 School Year:

  • Announced on April 27, 2013 at 08:30 and launched our first Fall Term on September 5th, 2013 at 19:00 in Portland Oregon. Our Open House and Astro-Open Mic was also on September 5th, 2013 to celebrate and kick-off the new Portland School of Astrology!
  • PSA launches two conferences Symposium Astrologica along with the Oregon Astrological Association with Andrea L. Gehrz, Rhea Wolf, Jaysen Paulson, Jen Gouvea, Judith Hill, Lauren Sage Balin in March and Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine (TM ©2014 Judith Hill) with Judith Hill, Matthew Wood, Jaysen Paulson and Sajah Popham in April. 
  • The first cohort begins the 1st-Year Program in April. 
  • PSA has it's first Planets in the Park Community Picnic.
  • PSA Represent!: This year, Portland School of Astrology was at the Oregon Astrological Association, Portland Plant Medicine Marketplace, Merry Meet Magical Conference, Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine and PrideNW March.