through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund | please consider making a small donation.


Year-Long Program Scholarship:

Application period open from June 1 - July 31, 2019.

Yearly scholarships are awarded for our Year-Long Program, amount and availability subject to JGMS committee yearly evaluation and approval based on donations received the previous school year. Learn more and apply here.


Project/EVENT Scholarships: 

Currently, JGMS committee approves yearly funds for NORWAC diversity scholarship, Queer Astrology projects and free monthly community events New Moon Circle gathering at PSA (in financial conjunction with the Oregon Astrological Association). JGMS has recently begun supporting PDXAstro Social on, a free social circle that Jen founded in 2010 with her husband and other key people at PSA. 


Flower Essence Scholarships: 

JGMS is currently producing and providing flower essence formulas for monthly People's Yoga POC meditation events and to Year-Long Program Students. You can purchase these online, which helps to support further efforts.

We are supporting a flower essence practitioner training with Pacific Essences, in conjunction with Pacific Essences founder Sabina Pettitt, one of Jen's teachers. 


Jen Gouvea Memorial Library

Because of current logistical limitations, only Year-Long Program students are allowed to check out books in our JGMS library. We hope this will change in the future. If you are hoping to donate astrology books you no longer need, you can drop them off, or media mail them to 3939 NE Hancock St. #212, Portland, OR 97212. We thank you for your generosity! 


Jen Gouvea Memorial Fund Spending

PSA is striving for transparency and accountability with these community funds. Fund updates are published after the school year has closed. Funds donated in 2014-15 School Year were largely from Jen's teacher earnings at PSA, as she didn't take payment for classes taught. We had decided to donate that running tally to begin the JGMS fund.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and been a part of Jen's legacy.

Jen Gouvea 1976 - 2014

Jen Gouvea 1976 - 2014

About the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund

With Jen, accessibility was a top priority, especially with those who identify in historically marginalized groups.

Jen Gouvea’s passion for positively representing astrology and selflessly working to advance and share the tools of Astrology, Flower Essence and art-based healing practices are continued with this scholarship and includes a focus on marginalized groups that Jen was particular to, including women-identified folx, indigenous and people of color, religious minorities, queer, trans, non-binary individuals and those with limited economic resources. 

As a teacher at PSA in our infancy, Jen didn't accept payment from the school, a generous effort to help the school to grow and stabilize. When she died, her teacher earnings were rolled into a fund created in memory of Jen as a key founding influence of PSA and with hopes to continue her legacy. The JGMS Committee is made up of past students, past clients, and friends of Jen Gouvea, who act as ambassadors to her vision to spread the healing tools of both astrology and flower essences in marginalized and disenfranchised communities.

Funds for the JGMS are distributed to a several projects, community events, classes, conferences, flower essence opportunities, our library, and our Year-Long Programs each year. Because of our generous community, we have been able to award over $3,500* since the creation of the Fund in 2015. 


Please consider donating to the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund

to support efforts like these in the future!


*excludes this current school year. Fund spending updates are published after the school year has closed.