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Horoscopes September 2017

image labeled for reuse under CC.    original image.

image labeled for reuse under CC. original image.

The collective monthly overview includes reference to planetary transits and aspects for additional detail, while the individual zodiac horoscopes focus on transit effects and actions.  Read for your rising sign if you know it and/or your sun sign. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new horoscopes are released.

Congratulations babes: we survived the total solar eclipse, the great astrological and astronomical climax of 2017! So many people were in awe of our sky for the first time, wowed by our human insignificance on this tiny planet orbiting our Sun. Perhaps it’s our busy modern life and bright lights that keep us from wondering about humanity’s place in the greater universe. Whether you watched it with others or alone, meditated or danced, cried or hollered, the total solar eclipse was truly a magical event. And it isn’t over yet: astrologically we will be seeing and feeling eclipse vibes reverberate for the next six months to two years as eclipses along the Leo-Aquarius polarity continue.

Moving out of warm, dramatic Leo and into critical, detail-oriented Virgo could feel like the grounding we need to get things done. It could also feel like we are left to organize and clean up the afterbirth of a messy eclipse season. As we collectively ease into fall, the days become shorter. Light is diminished, temperatures start to cool and plants begin to die. September offers the shift of Mercury, Venus and Mars into accommodating Virgo. The Sun moves into Libra signaling the autumn equinox and providing a breath of fresh air. As we step towards the darkness of winter, we must do the methodical, analytical Virgo work of attending to our health and healing and refining our vision of a more just and equitable world.

Astro pro tip: if you’re interested in a more detailed list of dates when planets change signs this month, scroll down to the end of the horoscopes.


Life is disruptive, messy, yet we survive and continue on. We must grow and shift and constantly shed outdated skin in order to not be trapped in our past. Life is so short, and you my dear fire princess have no need to pretend to be who you are not. Consider the beginning of the month to be the last zing of heat this summer and take advantage of your energy and enthusiasm. Exuberant fire energy burns bright in your house of pleasure and creativity during the first half of September, but as planets move from Leo to Virgo mid-month you will find yourself brought back down to earth, focused on the practical mundane details of daily life. Utilize the Virgo new moon on September 19 to set a new intention around your health, chores, to-do lists, or service to others.


Change is painful but remaining stagnant can be even worse. You may have spent the last few months getting so caught up in what’s going on underneath the surface that your path forward looks like a blur. Your challenge is balance, dear stubborn one: you cannot let the internal life override the external, or vice versa. Find ways to honor where you come from without forgetting where you are headed. With so much planetary action in your house of creativity and joy, this month provides many opportunities for creative analysis, joyful categorizing and sexy data. The neurotic Virgo new moon on September 19 is the perfect time to start a new project or love affair to keep you warm this winter.


Tell me about your plans to put love into action, chatty Cathy. Tell me about your ideas and dreams for these months ahead. Tell me about your experiences, lessons, and heartbreaks that have unraveled over this beautiful-yet-hard summer. As Mercury moves retrograde from Virgo back into Leo during the first eight days of September, revisit or reinterpret themes that came up for you during the total solar eclipse. Who or what is calling to you now? How can you lean into love and act on your values in daily life? Mercury stations direct on September 5 and swiftly moves into efficient Virgo on September 9. Spend the last half of the month revisiting or renegotiating issues related to home, family, and who or where you come from.


Life keeps moving, even though the ground beneath you is shifting quicker than you can keep up. This month, breathe new life into your written and verbal self-expression. Dust off that old journal, start a podcast, blog about your passions or begin a daily letter writing practice. Transform your inner voice into something that can be shared with those around you and see if projecting your voice into the void helps you feel heard in new ways. As we move away from the light and towards winter darkness, methodical and practical communication has the potential to transform old ideas and patterns. If you feel lost or disconnected from your voice, draw divine feminine inspiration from the full moon in Pisces on September 6. It’s easy to get lost in the mundane details of what we already know; call upon the fluidity and permeability of mutable water to help you dream up new ways to survive.


The term “self-care” is overused and misunderstood as it becomes more common vernacular in our capitalist U.S. culture, but I want to encourage you to care for yourself honestly and deeply this month. With sensual Venus in your house of self and identity, find ways to fall in love with the very essence of you. Buy yourself flowers. Take yourself on long romantic walks on the beach. Enchant yourself with the tender flirty Leo passion that you usually save for others. On September 12, warm-hearted Venus and truth-seeking Saturn support you in setting loving boundaries for yourself and others. When you put to rest outdated versions of yourself, you free up opportunities for deeper self-acceptance.


Out of the darkness and into the light, out of the past and into the present: this is the time to finally get the clarity you’ve been seeking. Leo season was too hot, too explosive, too grandiose for your taste. This month trust your instinct. Pay attention to your center, your guts. It is time to share the creative process you’ve been devoted to with others, breathing new joy and imagination into your art. As Mercury stations direct on September 5th, the same day Mars moves into your house of self, beware of inflammation and overdoing it. Yes your vitality is high, but you are not immune from burnout. Put your plans into motion, but include rest and recovery time into those plans.


The world needs you harmonious honey, not the things you provide for others. Self-sacrifice comes easy but this is no time to play the martyr. Spend this month paying attention to how much you agree to take on the work that belongs to others; saying no can save you from feeling spiteful and overburdened when you’re alone with an endless to-do list. What actions can you take to fine-tune the balance between personal satisfaction and responsibility to the greater good? Tap into the intuitive Pisces full moon on September 6 to celebrate physical or spiritual healing that you’ve accomplished over the last few months. Look back and notice if/how your emotional boundaries have shifted since the Pisces new moon in February. Release the minute details and go with the flow rather than trying to control your next move.


As the heightened joys of summer fun come to a close, tune in to the needs of your community. Who are the people around you? Who are your neighbors, collaborators, friends and colleagues? Where can you connect with your networks to fulfill social needs? The Virgo new moon on September 19 marks the beginning of a new chapter in service to groups and coalitions. Now is the time to slowly embark on new community-based activities, such as bringing together and caring for burnt out activists and marginalized people. Your ability to see in the dark is a gift, but your personal power becomes even more potent when you share and utilize your gifts for greater community healing.


September promises to be a stimulating month for your career or public-facing role. Your professional identity benefits from meticulous activities that seem daunting, like balancing checkbooks or creating new Excel spreadsheets to organize information more efficiently. Transformation doesn’t always happen during solo meditation practices and silent retreats, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to transcend beyond your current state. Stay focused and don’t fall into a trap of self-criticism and the outcome will enhance your personal sense of worth, as well as your finances. Set Virgo new moon wishes around work goals or aspirations that you’d like to accomplish over the next six months.


There is no right way to be spiritual. Religious perfectionism and a philosophy based on flawlessness are difficult to manifest in our complex world. Seeking deeper meaning or truth will become your focus this month, but it’s time to reconcile your fear of the messy, wild, chaotic realities. Writing or speaking about injustice you see around you can be a useful outlet for making sense of the madness. Imperfection is part of the process, part of growth and transformation. It’s painful to let others see beyond your perfect achievements, but your raw, truly authentic potential is within your grasp if you share your failures with others.


Relationships with others, or just relating to humans in general, has been occupying much of your time lately, you lovely weirdo. Whether the eclipse torched your existing beliefs about relationships or reinforced your desire to be loved whole-heartedly, the power-play between self and other has been intense these past few months. Sweet Venus in fiery Leo will soothe some of the scars left by the Leo eclipse, but notice tension between your desire for unbridled freedom and your responsibility to partners or lovers. The Virgo new moon asks you to use critical reasoning and logic to battle internalized shame, taboo, fear and limitations. Facing and integrating your own shadow qualities will be highly productive in the coming months, especially if you have a detailed plan.


As a sensitive water creature, you are deeply tuned in to the collective psyche. How have your energetic boundaries been strengthened or weakened by the solar eclipse? Have you noticed that you are fatigued by stress and anxiety that don’t actually belong to you? Take greater care of your health this month. Healing is not always linear, and we slip easily back into old familiar patterns that don’t actually take us where we need to go. Romance may take front and center this month, but don’t lose yourself in caretaking others. Throw a party for the September 6 full moon in Pisces, even if it’s just you and your cat; think back to the new moon eclipse in February 2017 and celebrate on all you’ve accomplished since in then.

Notes on planetary ingresses (i.e. when planets move sign) and new/full moon details for September:

September 5: Mercury stations direct at 29 degrees Leo, which is where the solar eclipse occurred last month. Prepare to revisit or return to things that were coming up for you at the end of last month.

September 5: Mars moves into Virgo. Beware of getting stuck in cycles of passive-aggressive nagging and criticism.

September 6: Full Moon in Pisces. This full moon connects with Neptune, the planet that aches for escapism and surrender. Find ways to tap into deeper consciousness and collective dreams.

September 9: Mercury moves into Virgo. After spending some of June and all of August in Virgo, Mercury now returns to retrace their footsteps.

September 19: Venus moves into Virgo. Time to get serious about your values and find ways to serve the greater good. If you’ve been meaning to volunteer, attend an anti-racism rally or fundraise for a friend in need, now is the time to get started.

September 19: New Moon in Virgo. This new moon offers a chance to get down to the nitty gritty details. If you need a clean slate to help you move forward and put thoughts into action, Moon and Sun in Virgo will support a more detailed critical analysis.

September 22: Sun moves into Libra. Happy Autumn Equinox! Libra is ruled by the scales, aiming for harmony and justice. Find ways to celebrate the light and dark, which are in balance today.



Deep Sea Astrology is Kelsey Branca, a multi-faceted queer femme astrologer. She has been studying astrology since she was a teen and completed the PSA 2nd-year-program in 2016. Kelsey's astrology practice incorporates an anti-oppression framework and she is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and dismantling racism, sexism, misogyny, classism, cissexism, etc. that is pervasive in astrology communities and beyond. Find her sporadic astro writing on Instagram @deepseaastrology or contact her for a collaborative reading at or Deep Sea Astrology on Facebook.

Horoscopes May 2017

image labeled for reuse under CC.  original image.

image labeled for reuse under CC. original image.

The collective monthly overview includes reference to planetary transits and aspects for additional detail, while the individual zodiac horoscopes focus on transit effects and actions.  Read for your rising sign if you know it and/or your sun sign. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new horoscopes are released. 

  • Mercury stations direct 5/3
  • Full Moon in Scorpio 5/10
  • Mercury ingress into Taurus 5/17
  • Sun ingress into Gemini 5/20
  • New Moon in Gemini 5/25

Retrogrades were all the rage in March and April, but this month begins with Mercury stationed direct (as it moves forward from our vantage point on Earth), and by the end of May, both Mercury and Venus will be out of their retrograde shadows. This means they will regain full strength and begin to push us ahead, rather than asking us to review what has already happened.

Prepare for a fiery month. As the days get longer, we will gain momentum on our projects and activities. We may be compelled to “do” without pausing, listening, sorting out feelings or thinking through consequences.


Have you been running in place, tethered by invisible forces, or feeling stuck in the mud? This month provides an opportunity to escape your rut by sharing, learning about or teaching the ideas you’ve been ruminating on in 2017. If your ideas are muddled, pay extra attention to the words and chatter in your daily life for clues. Your ruling planet (action-oriented Mars) is in quick witted Gemini all May long, making you even more opinionated than usual. As energetic Mars leads the way, your ideas, thoughts and methods of relating to the world will be bold. Depending on what you do with it, Venus could soften blunt language and aggressive mannerisms, or could make you seem especially selfish. This is the month to gently persuade others to join you in your adventures, not to brag, berate or dominate to get what you want.


How do you align your daily actions and routines with your ultimate cosmic goals? How can you fight for justice if you’re unwilling to fight for yourself? From April 28th to June 5th, your ruling planet, pleasure loving Venus, moves through your 12th house of self-undoing, karma, and powerlessness. During this time, there will be an emphasis on your choices and routines in day-to-day life, and how they conflict with your unconscious trauma, your tendency towards martyrdom and your mental self-sabotage. Sound scary? This is not the easiest transit, especially for a gentle soul who likes things to stay the same, but fear not: now is the time to trust yourself. Like the unwavering bull, your gift is your strength, steadfastness and determination. Find a direction and pursue your goals at a slow, steady pace. You won’t get there in one day, so take your time and beware of burnout.


With sly Mercury as your ruling planet, haters say you’re fickle and, worse, two-faced. They don’t understand that as a mutable maverick you’re gifted with the ability to see things from all sides, and to shift and evolve with ease. The month starts off buzzing with the social energy of charming Mercury in adventurous Aries; prior to May 15th, throw yourself into a new social hobby that focuses on self-improvement, such as a creative writing group or a body-positive group exercise class. During the second half of the month, take time to withdraw so you may study, meditate or examine your inner self. The hidden workings of your mind, especially your unconscious compulsions and obsessions, will be more accessible at this time. You can gain a lot from slowing down to surrender, heal, resolve an addiction or gain resolution.


Juggling work and home life is stressing you out, crabby patty. Even if your “work” is your art and your “home” is tending to one houseplant, chances are, you feel torn between responsibility to self and responsibility to others. As expansive Jupiter moves retrograde through your fourth house of home, there may be too much in your domestic life to balance, or you may be transitioning to a new apartment or reevaluating your roots. You are ruled by the Moon and lunar emotions, making it especially easy to lose yourself in the needs of others at this time, so remember to put your safety mask on first. The new moon on May 25th, invites you to name the ways you punish and insult yourself in private. What negative self-talk can be replaced with the seeds of kind, healing words and mantras?


You are ruled by the Sun, the light which makes life possible. Imagine yourself standing on a stage, and notice that at this time of year, the spotlight shines brightest on you. Turn your attention outward for a moment and look into the audience. Who are they? Where are you and what is your place in this world? What do you do, not for money under capitalist patriarchy, but as your life’s purpose? How do your actions contribute to your community, friends and neighbors? Get real, and don’t let your pride or stubbornness get in the way of honesty. May 9th will bring an opportunity for particularly intense and powerful insight, offering you the chance to transform a daily habit. Let the full moon in Scorpio on May 10th remind you of how far you’ve come since October 2016.


No one doubts that your gifts are your cleverness, wit and enthusiasm for knowledge. I know your instinct is to make a to-do list and check those dang boxes. Yet with your ruling planet (witty Mercury) traveling through Aries, you might feel a loss of the control you are accustomed to. For the first half of the month, you might be impatient or brash with the resources others bring to you. Now is the time to sort out and make sense of things that seem too dark or taboo to bring to the surface. Schedule an appointment with your therapist, astrologer or life coach. Once Mercury moves into Taurus on May 15th, things will settle into a more stable routine allowing you to broaden your worldview.


Love, beauty and relating is the air you breathe, sweetheart. Your ruling planet, Venus, is moving through your seventh house of relationships and partnerships. That is not to say that romance is your only motivator--I’m talking relationships of all kinds: family, housemates, ex-lovers and peers. Relating and connecting to those who know you on a more intimate level feels especially important this month. On May 19th, Venus in Aries (a placement of assertive self-love) will compete with Jupiter in Libra, which encourages expansion through partnerships. Watch out for conflict in your ideologies and your personal behavior; practice what you preach. Treat your sweeties the way you want them to treat you, and treat yourself with the generosity you shower on others. Celebrate where you are and leave room for new love in your life, even friend love, the love of an acquaintance’s baby or a new furry companion.


You need focus this month. While motivated Mars (your ruling planet) moves through Gemini all month, it’s easy to get excited about everything and jump from one thing to the next. You’ll do best if you can eliminate distractions, debunk illusions and use that energy to focus on the task at hand.  Celebrate yourself and all of your mysteries with a sexy Scorpio full moon party on May 10th. Be mindful of power struggles over your values, and how they interact with those of other people; issues related to resources that you share may be especially charged. Notice your anxieties about wealth or poverty (spiritual, monetary or otherwise) as they could be especially high right now. If you’re up for the challenge, it’s a good time to evaluate the stories you tell yourself about your access to resources. What are you lacking? Where are you abundant? How can you better accept help and support in the areas where you are struggling?


You are often at the center of the party, my adventurous pal, and with buoyant Jupiter as your ruler, you usually land on your feet. But maybe your footing has been a bit faulty lately. With Saturn in your first house of self until December 2017, be prepared to continue working and reworking themes of self-improvement and self-mastery. Buoyant Jupiter in your eleventh house of social responsibility and community wants justice for all, and aches for harmonious, sustainable peace in the midst of chaotic uncertainty. How can you integrate the self-discipline you’ve been learning in order to create your vision for a greater society? How can your drive, focus and determination be used to create the beautiful community you seek? What can you do, spearhead or create that will feed the communal spiritual growth you are longing for? Spend some time thinking about a daily habit you want to give up, or a new one you’d like to commit to, and take time on the May 25th Gemini new moon to put your wishes into words. The time is ripe to give up smoking, start a daily meditation practice or otherwise feed your physical and spiritual self.


You are ruled by Saturn, the sturdy determined planet of discipline, and you don’t mess around. You’re a hard worker and have a lot to be proud of. You have the gift of struggling against the impossible. On May 28th and 29th, quick and lively Mars opposes focused Saturn in a power struggle. If you can, structure time to get it out, alone or with others, and let your voice be heard: blast punk music on a roadtrip to the mountains, sing sad karaoke songs by yourself or write letters to your hidden fears and burn them. Get friends together and take turns screaming into the void.


My dear Aquarian, your ruling planets (mature Saturn and rebellion Uranus*) support each other all month. Acting with bold individuality in your everyday affairs (chatting with your librarian, calling your siblings etc.) will help you rework your dreams and visions for the future. May 17th through May 20th will be the height of this collaboration between serious philosophical inquiry and adventurous authenticity. Now is the time to get unstuck from the past and plan the future that you deserve, especially when it comes to your commitment to greater community or social justice work. Trust your gut, your intuition and your fiery passion. The Moon in Leo on May 1st through May 3rd and again on May 29th through May 31st will give you an extra boost of self-confidence. I know it’s cliche, but beware of drama, especially the kind you initiate.

*depending on who you ask, your rising sign is ruled by one or both of these planets


You’ve transcended the mundane before and the time has come to evolve again, dreamboat. Your ruling planets (exaggerated Jupiter and escapist Neptune*) are at odds with each other from May 11th to May 25th. This theme of transcendence emerged in late 2016 and will be back again later this year. Jupiter retrograde this month reworks and integrates subtle psychological patterns in the search for spiritual growth. Meanwhile, Neptune in Pisces makes knowing yourself challenging but essential. It’s almost like you are fine-tuning your balancing scales in order to find the harmony between give and take and codependence and autonomy. Maybe you want to hitch your wagon to others and let them help carry your burden, or maybe others will latch onto you in order to sustain themselves. Watch your boundaries. Respect your personal power while asking others to do the same.

*depending on who you ask, your rising sign is ruled by one or both of these planets

About Kelsey:

Deep Sea Astrology is Kelsey Branca, a multi-faceted queer femme astrologer. She has been studying astrology since she was a teen and completed the PSA 2nd-year-program in 2016. Kelsey's astrology practice incorporates an anti-oppression framework and she is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and dismantling racism, sexism, misogyny, classism, cissexism, etc. that is pervasive in astrology communities and beyond. Find her sporadic astro writing on Instagram @deepseaastrology or contact her for a collaborative reading at or Deep Sea Astrology on Facebook.

Horoscopes August 2016

Monthly Empowerment Progress Report: August 2016

Read for your rising sign if you know it and/or your sun sign. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new horoscopes are released.

Are you ready to get the lead out? August starts with a call to action as Mars finally pulls out of intense, watery Scorpio and into the speedy fire sign of Sagittarius. Those that have their bows loaded, aimed and ready to fly, will pull out of the gate the quickest. Saturn turns direct on August 13th, also in Sagittarius, adding to the forward momentum. Be sure to spend the time to focus your aim and get clear on your intentions before Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month. If all your ducks are lined up by that time and your eye is on your prize, you should sail through the potential chaos just fine.

Aries Rising or Sun Sign

“Summer Lovin'” is the name of the game for those born under the sign of the Ram.  Allow your wild, passionate side to make the rules and be sure to indulge your creativity. You may also be challenged to dive into a particular course of study that ignites your curiosity and engages your higher mind. Look for ways to indulge this energy while still keeping it light, loose and fancy free. Perhaps you can blend the energies by learning about and trying your hand at a new creative pursuit! Near the end of the month, you may find your thoughts turning towards the more mundane aspects of life such as health and work, but rest assured there will be plenty of time to focus on “adulting” next month when Mercury turns retrograde. In the meantime, you will be well served to squeeze every ounce of joy and passion out of the last days of Summer. 

Taurus Rising or Sun Sign

Feeling some intensity Taurus? Are you ready for things to lighten up a bit? Things have felt heavy for some time now with both Mars and Saturn in your house of vulnerability. You may have felt like there has been a party going on around you but you can't seem to find your invitation. Take comfort in the idea that it is always darkest before the dawn. Rest assured, as August progresses, so too will your sense of fun and pleasure. The key is to allow yourself to unwind and evolve into a lighter state of being. Change is never easy for the stable and rooted energy of the Bull, so if you feel resistance just imagine yourself moving on to greener pastures where bounty awaits. As you relax, your invitation to the party will suddenly appear in your consciousness and you will finally feel ready to put on your dancing shoes.

Gemini Rising or Sun Sign

As Summer bleeds into Fall, you may find that relationships have taken the forefront, Gemini, especially those closest to you on the home front. This is a good time to do a check-in with those you hold dear. This doesn't have to be a painful process, but it could be if you refuse to take a deeper look into the dynamics in play. Your gift, Gemini, is to stay on the lighter side of life, skimming across the ups and downs like a rock skipping across a placid lake. However, sometimes it is essential to allow yourself to plunge into the murky depths where you will find important information in the undercurrent. This month you are invited to take that deeper look into the dynamics at play in your relationships. It is a perfect time to take things to the next level where you will be richly rewarded with more connection and understanding.

Cancer Rising or Sun Sign

Nobody nurtures like a Cancer. This month it is time to put those loving arms around the more practical issues of life like your personal finances. While the Crab often finds itself seeing to the needs of others, it is always wise to put your own oxygen mask on first. The astro weathers of August indicate that the time has come. How does your savings account look these days? What might need to be shifted in order to build up your reserve? Look to your daily habits for some clues. Even the slightest adjustment to your day to day routine could change the outcome considerably. It might even be time to ask for that raise you know you deserve. Cancer prefers to take the safe route, but this month it could be highly rewarding to stretch and exercise courage in order to be fairly compensated for your precious efforts.

Leo Rising or Sun Sign

August is YOUR month Leo! It’s time to celebrate and appreciate yourself in any way that you choose. Feel free to express yourself in modes that bring your soul to new heights. You might be feeling driven to ignite the fiery passion of your desires and put them on full display for others to appreciate. Don’t hesitate or second guess yourself. You have full permission to allow your inner light to shine as brightly as your ruler, the Sun! Towards the end of the month you might find your attention turning to finances and self-worth. Hopefully you will be feeling love for yourself and what you give to the world. Leos exude a special brand of heart and enthusiasm that the rest of the world deeply needs, so don’t hide your light under a bushel--allow it to envelope anything and everyone you come into contact with!

Virgo Rising or Sun Sign

Be prepared for some vividly creative and potentially sweet dreams this month, gentle Virgo. You will definitely discover some nuggets of wisdom courtesy of your higher self. You may also feel like sticking close to home, tending to your family or garden and allowing yourself to get lost in reverie. It would be best not to resist this pull because the planets are supporting your hiatus with the outside world. It might also be a good time to review old journals and photos, and draw upon the past to inform the future. "Surrender" is your magic word this month because resistance to the inward pull could cause undo stress on your delicate nervous system. Instead allow yourself to sink into the place between worlds, engage your imagination and open yourself to divine inspiration. With Jupiter, planet of growth and optimism, leaving your sign by month’s end, it would be prudent to enjoy every last ounce of those positive vibes. 

Libra Rising or Sun Sign

As the world around you succumbs to the political frenzy, sweet Libra, your brand of peace and understanding has never been more needed. This is your time to step into the light and bring some calm to the madness. If you have ever felt inspired to write a letter to the editor or opinion piece for a major publication, this is the time. Nobody can bring levity and balance to the mass confusion quite like you can. Dig deep for the courage to stand in the middle of the storm and bellow forth your truth. On a personal note, August is a perfect time to dig deep and connect to your aspirations. If the words escape you, try free-writing for a few minutes a day. You might be surprised at the insights that flow from your mind. Trust the process and you will be propelled towards the life of your dreams.

Scorpio Rising or Sun Sign

Ready to put that tail down Scorpio? It may seem like it has been awhile since you could relax your guard. With Mars finally leaving your sign, it's time to step down from the watchtower. The world appreciates your vigilance but all good things must come to an end, after all. While you may have enjoyed your time on the intensity train, the bright light of the noon day sun is calling to you. While it can be challenging to allow yourself to emerge from the deep, dark water, you are being called to soar like an eagle in order to see the higher view. Expect things to heat up in your career or anything that takes you into the limelight. This is a great time to put forth your best self and inspire others with your passionate, take-no-bullshit attitude.

Sagittarius Rising or Sun Sign

The archer is the symbol for the lighthearted, adventurous sign of Sagittarius. In order to hit your mark with efficiency and exactitude it is essential to take the time to pinpoint your target. With Saturn, the planet of focus and diligence, in your sign until December of 2017, you will have plenty of time to perfect your aim. However, for the next two months you have the added addition of Mars, planet of drive and passion, at your back. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, clever Sag. This is a time to get clear on your trajectory. Your usual happy-go-lucky attitude is a great asset to you, but you are being invited to take it up a notch into the realm of devil-may-care. This is a fantastic time to chart your path for the next year and half, and decide how you want to evolve. Allow your faith and optimism to take you higher, and remember nothing will take you down faster than self-doubt.

Capricorn Rising or Sun Sign

Dear, practical Capricorn. Nobody keeps the system functioning quite like you do. Your persistence, focus and pragmatic nature is essential to keep society functioning. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and valued. However, even the most tenacious leaders need a break every once in awhile. This month you are invited to allow yourself to loosen the reigns a bit and engage in a daydream or two. Can you allow yourself to take your hands off the wheel just for a moment, to rest, recharge and get in touch with a more relaxed version of yourself? This is no easy task, as you are undergoing a vast transformation with Pluto in your sign for the past seven years. But in order to fully rise like the phoenix it is essential that you take a breather every now and then. It starts with putting your feet up, closing your eyes and...exhale...

Aquarius Rising or Sun Sign

The time has come to keep your focused and persistent eyes open for new partnership opportunities, Aquarian, especially those that will benefit the greater good, a style of collaboration  you are naturally attuned to. If any brilliant ideas are nagging at you, the time is ripe for laying the groundwork for manifestation. It starts by reaching out to like-minded souls. While you prefer to be the lone wolf, be assured that your vision will take shape in ways even you have not dreamed of with a little help from the tribe. The world simply cannot progress without your unique ability to find the road less traveled. Do not hesitate to share your vision with anyone who will listen. As the saying goes, "it takes a village". However, trust that your particular village will be nothing like the world has ever seen and will achieve things that most have never imagined. 

Pisces Rising or Sun Sign

Pisces are known to have a heightened sense of compassion and empathy. With all the fuss being made over the election, it is quite possible that your nerves are more than a bit fried. Are you ready for some lighthearted fun, gentle Pisces? August is a great time to release all that tension. Whether it be a music festival, monster truck rally or frolic on the beach, you are invited to engage in anything that makes your heart soar. As the Summer comes to an end, you may be feeling like you missed the boat. However, it is not too late to squeeze some juice out of it! In order to sustain the demands of your sensitive nature, it is essential that you let go of the troubles of the world. So whatever floats your boat, do it posthaste! Twirl, cheer, soak and spin to your hearts content. You earned it!

About the Author

Deborah Norton-Kertson has been obsessed with astrology for the past 15 years. She began her studies under the tutelage of Edward Gutierrez of the Druidic Craft of the Wise in 2003. From there she began giving readings for friends and enhancing her knowledge with various books and workshops. In 2014 she became a member of the first cohort of the Portland School of Astrology's First Year Program. In late winter 2016 she graduated from PSA's Second Year Program. Deborah integrates the techniques of Evolutionary Astrology into her readings. The focus of EA is on the evolutionary progression of the Soul which takes into account, past lives, soul contracts and soul missions. Deborah also utilizes her shamanic training to integrate shamanic healing methods for astrological remediation. You can learn more about Deborah at her website