Horoscopes September 2016

Monthly Empowerment Progress Report: September 2016


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If you feel like you're going backwards, don't fret! Mercury, ruler of communication, begins another retrograde in early September. Take care with relationships and decision making, as thoughts can be chaotic and confusing. On September 1st, a solar eclipse in Virgo has the potential to surprise you with new opportunities. Don't get so lost in Mercury retrograde that you miss out; stay alert and aware of the signs and synchronicities happening all around you. On September 9th, Jupiter, ruler of growth and optimism, shifts into Libra for the year. Libra, offers beauty, cooperation and harmony to the world. Focus on what you have in common with others rather than on what divides, and you will be sure to evolve into a more compassionate and balanced version of yourself.

Aries Rising or Sun Sign

Nothing can take the wind out of an Aries' courageous sails like the ho-hum of day-to-day life. I hate to break it to you, Aries, but for you, September is all about the mundane. It's time to bring your focus to routine and managing the details of your life. Don't lose heart. Fired-up Mars will cruise through your 9th house of aspirations and higher mind, and infuse the mundane with excitement. Ignite your questing spirit and spice up your routine with adventure.

Taurus Rising or Sun Sign

While your attachment to your comfort zone is impressive, this month offers the opportunity to practice the art of letting go. Don't panic! This need not be painful, but rather a release of limiting beliefs and behaviors. While you bring stability and practicality to the community, your higher self may be suffering stagnation. Free yourself with creativity and self-expression. A night of karaoke could be in order, or a new concoction in the kitchen, or a few hours reshaping the garden. It doesn't need to be complicated, as long as it feels freeing and expansive.

Gemini Rising or Sun Sign

You love nothing more than a good story with a fast paced plot, Gemini, and that is just what the universe has to offer you. Passionate Mars has now entered your 7th house of relationships and compromise, heating up partnerships and bringing potential for new relationships. Do what you do best--stay loose and roll with it. Stay flexible as Mercury, your ruler, retrogrades at the beginning of the month. Hone your listening skills and look outside your own point of view in order to expand, grow and evolve.

Cancer Rising or Sun Sign

This moth,old beliefs get new life, Cancer, as Mercury retrogrades and travels back through your 3rd house of perception. Imagine that you have traveled back in time and are being offered the chance to rewrite a painful story. On September 9th, Jupiter moves into Libra, a challenging position for you. Nobody clings to control quite like the crab. It's through this control that you are able to keep your loved ones safe and protect all that you hold dear. But this hyper vigilance takes its toll, and it's time to loosen the reigns and allow others to take the lead. Jupiter in Libra invites you to lean into the support of your community.

Leo Rising or Sun Sign

I know it's hard to hear, Leo, but your season is almost over. Now, before you stop reading, I do have some good news for you: Mars has just entered your 5th house of pleasure and passion, and while the change in season will shift our focus to the more practical side of life, you will still have the drive and desire to whoop it up. A good strategy would be to start the month by taking care of business. Stick to your budget and use the Mercury retrograde energy to review and revise anything that is not adding up. Once you have things in order, you can celebrate and squeeze the last drops of fun out of Summer. Feel free to throw the ultimate end of summer extravaganza!

Virgo Rising or Sun Sign

Are you ready for your close up, Virgo? While attention is not something you usually seek out, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the sun on your face. As September begins, Mercury, your ruler, retrogrades, increasing confusion. On September 9th, Jupiter, planet of growth, leaves your sign after a year long visit, providing some relief from the expansive energy that has been stretching you to your limits.

Libra Rising or Sun Sign

September will bring focus to your subconscious and dream life, Libra. Harness Jupiter, moving into your sign early this month, to make your dreams come true and draw on your subconscious to help you envision your life the way you want it to be. You will be under the influence of Jupiter all year, so get prepared for growth.

Scorpio Rising or Sun Sign

Hey Scorpio, though you may prefer to keep your true self hidden like a buried treasure, do you think you could open up a little more this month? First, September dawns with a cluster of energy in your 11th House of friends and community. It's a good time to get out and share yourself with others. As the month progresses, Jupiter, ruler of faith and optimism, enters your 12th House of dreams. If you can allow your imagination to dive into the recesses of your rich, inner world, you will be sure to find a new source of inspiration. This month is also sure to get you in touch with your deeply treasured values. Keep an eye on your finances and consider revising your budget to be more in line with your master plan.

Sagittarius Rising or Sun Sign

Things are moving fast now, Sagittarius, in fact with Mars halfway through your sign, you may be struggling to catch your breath. Slow down and pace yourself as you enter September and the strong influence of your 10th house of legacy and public life. It's a good time to step up and contemplate career moves, or promotions. Your adaptability will help you enjoy this experience, but if you start feeling the pressure, remember: it's time to marathon not sprint.

Capricorn Rising or Sun Sign

As generous Jupiter moves into your 10th house of legacy and career you are about to become a manifesting machine. It's time to finalize plans and make necessary revisions while they're still on the drawing board. By month's end Mars races into your sign and you will no longer have time to change your mind.

Aquarius Rising or Sun Sign

Feeling vulnerable isn't easy, especially for you, Aquarius. You may be feeling tender this month with your 8th house of vulnerability lit up. If you consider this influence an opportunity to clarify your priorities, it may feel less overwhelming. As the month progresses, you may feel a renewed sense of inspiration and optimism, thanks to lucky Jupiter moving into a harmonious position. By month's end, you should be back to your plucky self, overflowing with brilliant ideas and ready to shout them from the rooftops.

Pisces Rising or Sun Sign

Change is in the air, Pisces, and fortunately your nature is attuned to this energy. At the beginning of the month, focus on your relationships, as Mercury retrograde puts strain on communication. Draw on your impressive ability to float with the current and stay fluid and open. Mercury retrogrades are the best time to re-evaluate and re-examine our thought forms and beliefs. You are the most adept of all the signs at dreaming a new way of understanding realities. Focus the ferocity of Mars on your career and allow it to propel you farther than you can imagine.

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