Horoscopes June 2017

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image labeled for reuse under CC. original image.

The collective monthly overview includes reference to planetary transits and aspects for additional detail, while the individual zodiac horoscopes focus on transit effects and actions.  Read for your rising sign if you know it and/or your sun sign. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new horoscopes are released. 

We are all seeking relief in these difficult times. While June may or may not bring the things that you crave, it will offer significant shifts in the astro weather, beginning with with strong fire and air energies and ending with deep watery depths. As three planets move into Cancer this month, remember that the crab can be emotive and moody while remaining sympathetic and nurturing. This cardinal water sign swims in the Yin undercurrent of our subconscious desires. Cancer’s vulnerability and nostalgia are not valued under our capitalist society that dictates production and action at any cost, so we often disregard the strengths of this archetype. Cancer season brings familial love and connection, as well as deep healing potential. Remember to indulge your senses (smell, hear, taste, see and touch) as we move towards the initiation of summer and Cancer season.

  • June 9th: The Full Moon in Sagittarius seeks to connect us to our deepest truth, no matter how bitter it may under Saturn’s influence. Jupiter in Libra stations direct the same day, moving us forward as we seek abundance and growth through our connection to others.
  • June 16th: Neptune stations retrograde and hours later the Moon meets Neptune in Pisces. Use the energy of this day to dream up utopias for future generations, and use Saturn’s structure to refine these dreams and guide you to action. 
  • June 20th: The Summer Solstice signifies the start of Cancer season as the Sun moves into the sign of the crab.
  • June 21st: Mercury moves into Cancer, joining Mars and Sun in the sign of the moody healer. With three planets in Cancer, opposing Pluto in Capricorn, the collective is called to nurture and protect our roots.
  • June 23rd: The New Moon in Cancer represents a major opportunity for healing, receiving messages from our deep subconscious, planting an intention or establishing a new goal for the rest of 2017. What needs to be nurtured, replenished and emotionally tended to at this time?


Unpredictable and rebellious Uranus has been in hotheaded Aries since 2011, asking you to redefine how you show up in the world. Think back: have you rediscovered yourself in unexpected ways? Perhaps the shift has been shocking and uncomfortable, or perhaps breaking tradition has freed your inner rebel. In any case, the month begins with charming Venus colliding with electric Uranus on June 3rd, providing an “a-ha” moment about what you love and hold dear. With grounded Saturn refining your worldview, the way to learn your limits is to toe the line between theory and practice. Do you have the courage to invoke radical self-love, unpredictable courage or electric desire? Beware of the poorly expressed side of Venus in Aries which can act on selfish impulse instead of honoring true values. 


This may sound boring, but bear with me my humble babes, as you often find joy in the mundane. This is the month for taking inventory of your stuff: your money, your belongings and your wealth. Every knick-knack, every childhood birthday card and every priceless, thrifted treasure. Don’t forget to examine internal gifts, talents or skills with gentle curiosity. Take a look at what you treasure and what you have carried from one home to the next. Multifaceted Mercury will be at home in fast moving Gemini June 6th through June 20th, bringing the gift of curiosity over “stuff” of all kinds. This ability to relate to the world around you will be enhanced by high femme queen Venus as she moves into Taurus on June 6th. In this sign, Venus asks you to take advantage of this ability to collect and transmute information, attract others and rediscover the pleasures in life. 


Stern Saturn has been in your house of relationships since December 2014, helping you structure, define and refine your beliefs about relating to others. Remember astro newbies: when I say “relationships” I’m not just talking romantic monogamous partners; I’m talking roommates, close friendships, lovers and beloved co-workers and the people who drive you to the airport and bring you comfort foods when you’re ill. As the bright summer Sun and versatile Mercury move through your first house of self this month, watch out for conflicts or tensions between self-expression and the expectations you have for others.  This will be especially true from June 14th through June 18th. Remember that your dualistic nature is a gift, allowing you to see these issues from all sides.   


As a lunar babe, you’re a big ball ‘o feels, but let’s not pretend those feelings are all gentle and kind. Assertive warrior Mars moves into sidestepping Cancer on June 4th and stays there until July 20th. The collective vibe will be irritable, self-protective and sensitive. You might feel called to protect yourself and fight for self-preservation. There are lots of ways to fight: maybe you withdraw and stay inside with Netflix and something to snuggle in order to defend that inner tenderness, or maybe you fight with Mars energy and uncover a new way to assert yourself. As you channel your gut impulses, remember that Mars in hard-shelled Cancer can use emotional waters to cut others down and drown them. Water power is passive, but it’s also erosive, especially when colluding with destructive Pluto and limiting Saturn.  


I know you love play more than most, my bright kitten. Your fun has been somewhat more serious since the end of 2014, with Saturn in your house of fun, sex  and creativity. Rigid Saturn in freedom loving Sagittarius has been your guide in refining your creative vision, while Uranus moves through your house of philosophy and worldview. How has your awareness been expanded? How has it offered you insights into things you never could have anticipated? How can you remain flexible and allow spirituality and theory to unfurl before you? Use your charm, fueled by Venus in Taurus, after June 6th to favorably influence your public life with beauty and harmony. Now is a wonderful opportunity to build a relationship with a mentor or to get guidance about the work you’re here to do. 


We all know you can be a little uptight, Virgo, but your ability to plan, calculate and dissect helps you get what you need in this earthly realm. Early in the month, take advantage of giantess Jupiter in balanced Libra expanding your values, money and financial resources. From June 6th to June 19th, the bright Sun and charming Mercury in Gemini in your house of career and public life give you a great opportunity to ask for what you want out of your career. If it makes sense, ask for a raise or increase your sliding scale rate for your healing arts practice. As Mars moves into sensitive Cancer on June 20th, tap into your nurturing nature when working in groups. Work with others to meet your goals and find ways to engage in social justice work in your community. 


You are skilled at the balancing act of pleasing others and making new friends, harmonious honey, but what moves you? What issues or causes push you to own your perspective on justice? How can you expand your awareness and lend your relational gifts globally or in your own neighborhood association? On June 9th, Jupiter starts to move direct, supporting the integration of what you have learned since the giant planet started her retrograde journey in February 2017. Now is the time to recognize your gifts and apply them. Lead with your beautiful heart and don’t downplay your talents. Self-love and self-appreciation are important at this time. If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, you may gain some clarity when erratic Uranus and tenderhearted Venus collide in Aries on June 3rd, bringing an unexpected replay of some you-vs-me energy.  


What do you believe, you powerful creature? What is truth and what is not? What philosophies do you value and which belief systems are you ready to retire? Expansive Jupiter has been sitting in your house of hidden or subconscious affairs since September 2016 and will stay there until October 2017. You are much less ego-driven at this time, and your ability to empathize has increased. Whether you are strongly drawn to the occult, the church or the academic institutions, look for connection to higher knowledge. As Mars moves into your house of educational systems and collective knowledge on June 4th, be careful not to confuse yourself with your ideologies; you are more than what you believe. 


All work and no play is pretty boring, my daring darling. It's time to celebrate where you’re at right now. Even if you're far from your goal, the first half of June presents some lovely opportunities to stop thinking and start doing. During the early hours of June 3rd, sweet yet salty Venus in Aries meets up with unexpected Uranus. If you’re able, set this day aside for something self-indulgent or leave it open to the unexpected. The first weekend of the month will provide opportunities to pursue a creative, fun hobby or help playfully transform some of the hard work that has consumed you. You can’t push blindly forward without sitting down and digesting your experiences first. Reflect on where you’ve come from and give yourself a pat on the back.  


There are plenty of opportunities for power struggles, so treat yourself to a little Venus in Taurus style pampering this month; the pleasures of self-care are a necessity, not a luxury. As three quick moving planets move into caring Cancer, you may find your energies focused on others in your life. On June 4th, impulsive Mars moves into Cancer, followed by the ego-led Sun and dualistic Mercury (June 20th and 21st). Depending on your personal natal chart, the shift from fire to water energy will be either a wet blanket or the cool drink of water you’ve been searching for. Find a healthy balance between self-neglect and self-obsession.  Don't let others control you. You’re a sturdy babe; find a way to embody the saying, “do no harm but take no shit.” 


You insightful, brilliant genius friend: are you ready to get to work? The full moon in Sagittarius on June 9th will give you an opportunity to cut away the garbage and get to some deep healing with the support of your community. You are a visionary and this full moon will serve up  some harsh realities. It’s time to heal and stop avoiding the breakthrough you’re ready for.  Maybe your next step is to do the Saturn work of releasing emotions by tossing your ego into your daily routines and work. While Mars is in Cancer (June 4th through July 20th), you will find the fuel to get things done. Think of it as parenting yourself. Whatever the framework, it’s time to prioritize the activities, medications, routines or short-term fasts that aid you in freeing yourself from what plagues you.


Though this month will likely be tense, the Cancer new moon on June 23rd is just the thing to soothe your weary soul. With four planets in Cancer (the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars) in your house of self-expression, this new moon offers you a chance to truly heal from a deep soul wound or see a major paradigm shift. Seed new moon ideas and plans that you’d like to hatch in December 2017. During Cancer season, which begins on the new moon and lasts until July 22nd, find the self-love and self-acceptance you’ve been aching for. Be your most radiant self and find outlets for fun and play. Nurture the joy in your life.

About Kelsey:

Deep Sea Astrology is Kelsey Branca, a multi-faceted queer femme astrologer. She has been studying astrology since she was a teen and completed the PSA 2nd-year-program in 2016. Kelsey's astrology practice incorporates an anti-oppression framework and she is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and dismantling racism, sexism, misogyny, classism, cissexism, etc. that is pervasive in astrology communities and beyond. Find her sporadic astro writing on Instagram @deepseaastrology or contact her for a collaborative reading at deepseaastrology@gmail.com or Deep Sea Astrology on Facebook.