Horoscopes October 2016

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The fall equinox on September 22nd is one of two days in the entire year when the Earth’s axis is stationed parallel to the Sun, creating an almost equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes. It is apt that on this day of balanced light energy, the sun moves into the sign of Libra, driving us to develop equitable partnerships. Keenly aware of the tipping scale, we are reminded that a relationship must feed the self, as the self must feed a relationship. When the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 22nd, we dive deeper into the mysteries of relatedness, and act on our instincts, letting go of associations no longer serving us, while adding more passion and emotional intensity to those dear to our hearts. This month, it is time to actively engage the give and take, the push and pull, and the dark and light that exist to facilitate growth. The Aries full moon on October 15th will be a reminder of these dichotomies, bringing some heartfelt relationship work to culmination, and driving a deeper sense of self and empowerment.
This month, harmonious Venus wants you to understand the common ground between opposing viewpoints. Your ability to see beyond individual outlooks may help surface win-win outcomes within your community, or lift the spirits of those brought down by distressing world events and political posturing. When thoughtful Mercury and optimistic Jupiter meet on the 10th, they encourage you to engage in meaningful dialogue with relationship partners. This is a great day to send a note of gratitude and love to the special people in your life. Pay attention to your inner Ram on the 15th when the Aries full moon reminds you of the personal requirements you need met in order to maintain balance in your relationships.
When charming Venus, your chart ruler, moves into the 8th house of other people’s resources on the 18th, expect to receive tokens of affection in gratitude for your social acumen and harmonious presence. Whether these gifts come from friends, family or the divine, they arrive to simply thank you for being you. The 8th house also rules sex and magic, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself participating in experiences that transcend the physical plane. Towards the end of the month, ego-attentive Sun and contemplative Mercury move into Scorpio, opposing your natal Sun. At this time, you’ll be giving a lot of thought to which things in your life you should hold onto, and which you can let go.
Gemini the creative connector shines this October in the social circuit, buzzing from scene to scene with even more than its usual surplus of ideas. When vocal Mercury joins the Sun and Jupiter in your house of creativity from the 7th to 21st, make sure you focus your ingenuity in the right places, and don’t get caught up in the gossip channel. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” Focusing your energy on “great mind” activity may even attract or strengthen romantic partnerships as charming Venus moves into your house of relationships on the 18th.

Pensive Mercury has you thinking hard about your ancestry and familial relationships this month from from the 7th through the 23rd. After this period of reflection, Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio, lighting up your 5th house of creativity, children and pets. You’ll find yourself channeling your inner child through craft and play, just in time to pull together a mysterious Halloween costume or plan a graveyard scavenger hunt. Balance-seeking Venus enters your 6th house of service this month, encouraging joining up with team members at work to get the job done.  
Nothing fuels Leo’s fire for life like witnessing the Sun, his chart ruler, rise above a majestic mountaintop, or dip gracefully below the ocean’s horizon at day’s end. So pack a sack and hit the road this 2nd or 3rd week of October for a quick trip to the mountains or coast. As the Sun and Mercury join forces in your house of short journeys and communication, you’ll find yourself extra open to life lessons as told through the stories of your environment and siblings. Your adventure may even deliver a romantic tryst as loving Venus lights up your house of creative play and love affairs starting on the 18th.
With lovely Venus lighting up your home and family life this month, you’ll be focused on creating more beauty and comfort in your physical space. The Sun continues to charge your finances until the 22nd, so go ahead and splurge for that new furniture set or room remodel. During the last week of October, the Sun and Mercury invite you to connect with, and learn from your neighbors. What a great time to host a social event in your newly reimagined space! Word games will be a big hit at this party.
September 30th’s new moon in Libra kicks off a month of manifestation in the arena of relationship building, and when chatty Mercury meets expansive Jupiter here on October 7th, you are supercharged for socializing this month. While you are drawn to the center of the party like a moth to a flame, remember that Libra is about balance, and enjoying some sweet solace will also serve you well. When the Sun and Mercury move into Scorpio at the end of the month, you’ll be thinking about what’s important to you. Identifying and pursuing your passions will be fruitful both emotionally and financially.  
During the first half of this month, you’ll be feeling extra sensitive to all the feels around you, and especially attuned to the cosmic flow. Listen to your gut and you will make headway in your committed search to unravel the existential mysteries of life. When Venus brings alignment to your values mid-month, you will enjoy a greater sense of harmony within this complex carbon ecosystem, and by the 22nd you’ll be thriving in your water element as the Sun and Mercury team up in Scorpio. If teleporting beyond the material muck is not what you had in mind this month, try grounding yourself through massage, gardening or cooking.  Even spiritual warriors can benefit from the comforting touch of Mother Earth.


 Early this month you’ll play a leading role in community affairs, offering a sound voice of reason and ideas to restore justice. When diplomatic Venus illuminates your philosophical identity on the 18th, you can further solidify your image as an ambassador of light, love and good will. During the last week of October, thoughtful Mercury joins the Sun in your 12th house of karma. Stay alert to the cosmic causes and effects coming at you this week, and remember that life is not so easily controlled. As long as you are centered in who you are and what you believe, you will always have an anchor to drop when the swell of life’s tides begins to rock you.
After six long months of retrograde, Pluto is moving forward again in Capricorn. You’ve spent some time this year reflecting on, and relearning how to assert your power. Now you will benefit from a period of growth and transformation affecting your familial structures or business. The salient Sun and cunning Mercury will further boost your career this month, helping you to shine in the spotlight. Take advantage of these energies by leading a new business pitch or public speaking event before October 22nd. 

Social Venus lights up community relationships this month, giving you extra affinity for networking, and helping you shine in large groups. The Aries full moon on October 15th may bring an important relationship to maturity, one that will strengthen your personal power.  The effort you’ve extended towards diplomacy will help your illuminate your cunning intellect at work during the last week of October. If your job involves research and discovery, expect to make some breakthroughs at this time.   
Equitable Venus blesses your career this month by helping you foster business relationships based on like-minded philosophies. However, don’t discount a dissenting viewpoint, it is often the antagonist that pushes forward the plot. Pay attention to what those around you value and hold dear, you may benefit from an overflow of their resources. When the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, with vocal Mercury following close behind, communicate your philosophies carefully and you will be able to manifest what you desire. 


 Ashley Quinn is an astrological researcher and writer dedicated to accumulating knowledge, detecting trends and sharing meaningful impressions for harnessing planetary powers. Ashley is a second year graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, a certified yoga instructor, and holds a B.A. in Psychology. She is currently engaged in bringing together these disciplines to offer astro guidance and remediation for individuals and couples, and will be taking new clients in the Fall of 2016.