Horoscopes February 2017

image labeled for reuse under CC. credit: twitter.com/mattwi1s0n

image labeled for reuse under CC. credit: twitter.com/mattwi1s0n

The collective monthly overview includes reference to planetary transits and aspects for additional detail, while the individual zodiac horoscopes focus on transit effects and actions.  Read for your rising sign if you know it and/or your sun sign. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new horoscopes are released. 

February begins with authoritative communications creating imbalance, stalling out relationship development and obstructing justice. On the 6th, Jupiter enters retrograde in Libra starting a process of balance and restoration through attention to spiritual work. This retrograde will last four months and is likely to bring good fortune if your pursuits are noble. The Leo Full Moon on February 10th will illuminate expressive arts and the power they have to connect people. Mid-month, the energies are fusing in positive ways to bring about reform through acts of love, discipline and action.
When the Sun enters Pisces mid-month, the importance of feelings will be emphasized over actions. Focus on subconscious acts to see what is revealed through dreams and the imagination. Around the 22nd, we will experience dynamic tension between changing power structures and our individual abilities to act and pursue passions. A few days later the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces ask us to delve even deeper into the subconscious through meditation. This may also initiate a resurgence of spiritual and religious leadership. At the same time, a sudden an unexpected conflict may arise igniting the will to fight without much premeditation. Always think before acting as this battle may compromise relationships of deep importance.
At the beginning of February, your excitement about a personal or business relationship may conflict with your ability to stay focused at work. A few days later, Jupiter retrograde challenges you to take an even deeper look at your relationships as you enter a period of relationship growth and repair over the next four months. On February 10th, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo will encourage you to express yourself creatively. During the last week of the month, changes in political or business structures may keep you from pushing forward. The February 26th, New Moon and Solar Eclipse is a good time to center yourself with meditation. Through this process you are likely to uncover and act upon unconventional means to break through the structural boundaries that are holding you back.

In the first week of February, your idealism may be hindering your ability to complete daily tasks. Jupiter will go retrograde in Libra for four months, allowing you opportunity to reimagine the partnerships that help you get your work done. On February 10th, the Leo Full Moon will bring attention to your home life, where you may be greeted with an emotional performance. Close to the 22nd, you’ll find your drive to pursue spiritual matters is challenged by a big change in your worldview. Make plans to join a community group around the February 26th New Moon and your path to discover the divine will get a jump start, although you may still feel a tug of war between material and mystical acts of service.
February starts off with some tension between the financial and creative aspects of a partnership. When Jupiter enters retrograde on the 6th, you will start examining your creative outlets with the goal of making them serve your efforts of expansion. This retrograde will last four months. The Leo Full Moon brings focus to how you learn and communicate through experience and expression. When the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you’ll be shining at work. A week later, the Pisces Solar Eclipse may set in motion some bigger career changes. At this time you may feel temporarily disengaged from the expressive arts in order to focus on community action or activism.  

Early this month, information revealed through an important relationship will challenge your faith in a family matter. You’ll continue working through this and other matters affecting your home life for the next four months while Jupiter is in retrograde. On the 10th, the Leo Full Moon will push you to reflect on your values through an expressive art. Near the 22nd, expect a relationship change to challenge your status at work. A few days later, the Pisces Solar Eclipse invites you to expand your intellectual and spiritual perspectives through research or travel. At the end of the month, you may experience a sudden change in your career and be pulled between home and work.

Early this month, your excitement for a novel topic may sidetrack you from your daily work or a service you provide to others. Jupiter retrograde asks you to consider how you serve others and how these acts of service connect to your higher power. On the 10th, the Leo Full Moon manifests a new evolution of your psyche. Your self esteem may increase at this time. You’ll be driven to expand your worldview at the end of the month and this pursuit may be pushed along by making some changes in your daily routine. The Pisces Solar Eclipse will initiate a change in resources that you share with another, perhaps money or sex. At month’s end, you may be afforded a sudden trip that will help expand your horizons.
At the start of the month, your ability to build an outlet for creativity will interplay with the luck you’ve been having financially. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra you’ll have four months to take inventory on your assets in order to determine what will help sustain financial growth. The Leo Full Moon on the 10th will manifest a karmic experience that may have all eyes on you. When the Sun moves into Pisces mid-month, you will be focused on your relationships, especially those that feed the heart and soul. At the end of the month, you may be driven to explore taboo activities involving structured play.  The Pisces New Moon on the 26th will aid you in your pursuit of deep and meaningful relationships.
The good luck you’ve been experiencing may be challenged after learning new information about your home or family.  On the 6th, Jupiter goes retrograde for four months, at which time you will be called to reflect on spiritual or philosophical matters, and also to examine and correct any behaviors that have become excessive. Around the time of the Leo Full Moon, you may attend a community event that receives publicity. At the end of the month, you’ll experience some tension between a relationship and your family life. Use the February 26th New Moon to bring spiritual ritual into your daily routine. This will help center you as you may need to make a choice between your personal expansion and tending to a relationship that needs your attention.
Jupiter goes retrograde for four months on February 6, encouraging you to foster relationships that help develop your connection with the immaterial. It may feel like your spiritual evolution is slowing at this time, but some karmic good fortune awaits you at the end of the tunnel. The Leo Full Moon, on the 10th, may bring closure to a work project. This may manifest as a speaking engagement. The Sun enters Pisces mid-month, followed by the Pisces New Moon encouraging you to merge spiritual and creative arts to express yourself. At the end of the month, you’ll feel motivated to complete your daily checklists, but take care to maintain balance and not overly exert yourself.
In the beginning of the month, you’ll be motivated by some community matters to organize your finances. You’ll have the next four months to take inventory on your social circles and clarify which are helping or harming your personal and spiritual development. On the 10th, the Leo Full Moon brings focus to a global matter that is close to your heart. The New Moon on the 26th encourages you to think global but act local, starting with being present and mindful with your family. At the end of the month, you will be creatively energized and challenged to express issues affecting your community through an expressive art.

Early in the month, you may feel overwhelmed by career matters and prompted to learn and adopt mental strategies to separate these thoughts from your personal life. You’ll have the next four months to reimagine your career path as Jupiter enters retrograde. Don’t be afraid to dream big during this time. You’ll have lots of energy to help manifest your career goals this year. On the 10th, the Leo Full Moon may expose a secret you’ve been keeping. The following week you may start to receive some interesting information from friends or neighbors. At the end of the month, you will be ready to act on an unexpected development at home which may create some tension at work as well.   
When you start to analyze karmic cause and effect at the beginning of the month, you may feel some discomfort about the current state of affairs. On the 6th, Jupiter goes retrograde and you’ll have four months to reimagine your worldview. Travel during this time may be slow but will further your philosophical expansion. The Leo Full Moon illuminates a relationship matter around the 10th. The next week, your intuition will be more powerful and may shed light on a matter affecting your finances. The Pisces New Moon on the 26th invites you to imagine heart-centered ways to accrue resources. Put your ideas to the test right away, starting by talking to siblings and neighbors.
You’ll be speaking out on community matters early this month, which may affect an issue of shared resources. On the 6th Jupiter enters retrograde for four months asking you to look inward around sexual relationships, death or occult practices in order to expand outward. The February 10th Full Moon in Leo may bring attention to your health. The Sun enters Pisces mid-month with a New Moon following close behind, and aids you in building your confidence, self-esteem and ability to evolve your self development and intuition. At the end of the month, there will be a sudden change affecting your values or resources. You may find yourself focused on this matter independently or drawn to another person to source your power from them.

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