Horoscopes December 2016

Image source: Creative Commons, artist aka Tman

Image source: Creative Commons, artist aka Tman

The collective monthly overview includes reference to planetary transits and aspects for additional detail, while the individual zodiac horoscopes focus on transit effects and actions. Read for your rising sign if you know it and/or your sun sign. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new horoscopes are released.

This month will bring our collective focus to worldly matters, with a Saturn/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius highlighting the structures and systems that need rebuilding in order to support our universal truths. Mid-month, the Full Moon in Gemini will encourage socialization, communication and self-reflection in order to harvest information and insights that will benefit both self and collective development. The influence of Chiron and Saturn on the Full Moon means that true insight may be obscured by false information, but that healing is also possible if we focus our energies on what brings us together rather than sets us apart. 

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 19th, further straining communication, especially in situations where free thought and expression are suppressed. On this day (which is also when the Electoral College is scheduled to cast their ballots) we are reminded that this retrograde serves us with the opportunity to redo, rebuild, and recreate our power structures. At this same time, we may also see religious or spiritual leaders take a more active role in addressing conflict, as Mars enters Pisces. 

On Christmas Day, we will all experience a beautiful aspect between abundant Jupiter and loving Venus, bringing heightened feelings of warmth, connection, faith and joy. The New Moon in Capricorn on December 29th will bring focus, structure and organization to various aspects of our individual lives, just in time to set powerful resolutions for the new year. With the Sun now in Capricorn and creating a conjunction with Pluto, we will also see the potential for real transformation of systems and structures.


The December 13th Full Moon in Gemini will bring new information to your attention, and you will find yourself communicating with heightened clarity and charisma. This is beneficial because you may also be challenged to stand up for your beliefs at this time. With your mental acuity and planning skills operating at high efficiency, December will be a good time to build an itinerary for international travel, or to evaluate and apply to continuing education programs. Stay nimble in your planning, however, as the energies are bound to bring surprises that even you cannot predict. And, when Mercury goes retrograde mid-month, you may experience technological and communication challenges affecting your career.  Right around Christmas, expansive Jupiter trines loving Venus, activating your relationships and community. Put your love and trust in your friends and family and you are bound to be filled with extraordinary warmth, closeness and joy this holiday season.  


With karmic experiences energized this month, you just can’t help but notice how everything is connected. Your intuition and ability to tap into the cosmic frequency is also heightened now, reminding you that the true master of your fate is you. Take care to plan your actions and execute them with intent, as there are some unpredictable energies bound to surprise you this month, and there is risk of being reactionary.  Mercury also goes retrograde on the 19th, at which time you will likely start to reexamine certain beliefs you hold about the world and existing power structures. You’ll be pouring your heart into your work this month, and will have plenty of enthusiasm for service that escalates your career. As you give extra time and energy to your work, you will be recognized and well liked by your peers.


The Full Moon in Gemini this month will contribute to an increase in your natural aptitude for perception, communication and sociability. You may find yourself multitasking even more than usual at this time. You’ll be very focused on building and nurturing relationships this month, and reminded that strong partnerships take time, focus and attention to properly develop. With Mercury going retrograde on the 19th, you may be taking a closer look at the balance of power and resources within your relationships as well. This is a good time to double check your financial arrangements with banks, utilities and insurance companies. Around Christmas time, your crafty skills will be heightened, and you’ll enjoy play time with children, and especially activities that cater to creativity. If you have spiritual or religious affiliation, you may experience a reaffirmation of your faith this holiday season.


The stars are aligning to provide a very loving, abundant and magical holiday season for you and yours! Take notice of how different approaches can make your relationships stronger, such as setting healthy boundaries that strengthen your relationships by providing structure. Mid-month, you will be applying the same focus and discipline to your work, and your efforts may result in some surprise action from the community. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, it may trigger the need to renegotiate the terms of an important relationship. On Christmas Day, you will benefit from an outpouring of generosity and good fortune in your home and family life, which will be accentuated by heartfelt gifts from others and intensified spiritual connection. The New Moon at the end of this month will strengthen your ability to foster relationships, but don't rely too much on your typical intuitive and emotional nature. The pragmatic approach you’ve been developing will continue to serve you in the new year.


Your creative and intellectual juices will be flowing in full force this month, and you’ll delight at the opportunity to express yourself. You may be particularly inspired by a child or young spirit, whose feral nature can help open your eyes to a different viewpoint. Your creative expression will most likely be amplified by a surprising change in your personal philosophies, spirituality or worldview. Make sure not to overextend yourself and to get plenty of rest and nutrition to ward off effects of Mercury Retrograde starting on the 19th. On Christmas Day, you’ll be enthused to engage in dialogue with siblings or neighbors that will continue to expand your mind. You will also have lots of love coming your way this day, quite likely from a romantic partner. The New Moon at the end of the month allows you to set intentions for organizing and structuring your work life, which may be feeling the strain from Mercury Retrograde. After a December filled with so much love, learning and expression, you will be all fueled up for a productive new year. 


This month will bring a focus to introspection as you examine your upbringing and familial influences in order to understand the impressions that are foundational to your values. As you turn over the stones that have created your psychic imprints, you may be surprised by how much you have held onto ideas that are not core to your belief system. Early this month, you are encouraged to have faith in your own value system and to take action to support your viewpoints through the work and service you provide others on a daily basis. Keep your colleagues in good favor and around Christmas, a little kindness and praise will go a long way to build work relationships that may also benefit your checkbook. The New Moon at the end of the month will be an opportunity to invite creativity and self expression into your routine. This is wonderful seeing as Mercury Retrograde has been challenging you to express yourself in new ways. Think about which artistic modalities (collage, painting, journaling, improv) you might like to focus on, and you will have the power and clarity to see your intentions through. 


Your perceptions will be closely tied to your relationships this month, and in particular, sudden or surprising changes in a relationship may radically change your thought patterns. Take advantage of your exuberance for collecting information to gain deep insights, which will benefit from heightened organizational abilities this month. The December 13th Full Moon may bring closure to a worldly event to which you have felt emotionally and spiritually connected. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, you may take a closer look at the influences of your parents and family life to free yourself of negative imprints. This is also a good time to spruce up the home with new decorations if your sanctuary is feeling stale. On Christmas Day, you will be feeling particularly confident, joyful and capable in your abilities, which will serve you well in creative expression. Going into your heart space will energize playful activities, crafts and games. You may even find yourself involved in a romantic fling this holiday season. The New Moon at the end of the month will be a time to set intentions for adding structure to your family life, or organizing your home. 


This month, you’ll be feeling added pressure to organize and build structure around financial matters. You’ll also benefit from a better understanding of your values. Stay grounded in these beliefs and rely on a slow, steady and thoughtful approach to personal resources, as you will experience some surprises affecting your health or work life that may rattle you. The Full Moon mid-month may bring attention to matters of joint partnerships, and quite possibly trigger a big change in a psychic or sexual bond with another.  When Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, you may also feel a strain on communication and learning, as well as challenges with transportation. On Christmas Day, the energies are working to deliver a quite moving spiritual experience. If you plan to attend church or other ritual to express your faith, be prepared for a special experience that will also bring feelings of love, joy and abundance to your family. At the end of the month, the New Moon encourages you to build time and structure in your week for activities that help with self reflection. You might try corresponding with siblings, or starting a daily diary practice. 


This month, you will have the opportunity to embark on some identity work, focusing on questions like “Who am I?” and “What am I here to do?” While thoughtful organization, routine, and structure will be critical to this effort, you will also benefit from surprising breakthroughs when you are able to step outside of the box and creatively express yourself in new ways. The Full Moon mid-month will bring some relationship work to culmination, and you will be happy to see where these cards fall as long as you keep practicing healthy communication. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, don’t be surprised if there is a delay in receiving finances. This is also a time to reassess your values and what you hold dear to your heart. The Christmas season will strengthen your sense of community and the abundance of joy that can be received by taking part in communal activities. Try caroling with neighbors, participating in a holiday production, or organizing a fundraising event. You will shine as a loving and adept communicator in these community roles. The New Moon at the end of the month encourages you to clearly prioritize your values, as well as organize your finances. 


This month you may tune into the karmic connections you share with family members. Try to recognize the patterns in your relationships so that you may break through old, repetitive cycles and push forward. A surprising family or home matter may be the catalyst to help you evolve your thinking and behavior. The Full Moon mid-month will bring closure to a health or worklife matter that has been affecting your daily life. Soon after, Mercury Retrograde forces you to align the image you project to the outer world with your inner self. Taking a personality test or a look at your natal chart may help you feel more centered at this time. Right around Christmas, exuberance for your career path with manifest good fortune in your wallet. At the end of the month, the New Moon will encourage you to center yourself once again. Try to remove some of the thoughts about your career and family that have been consuming your attention, and refocus on your unique path and the gifts you have to bring to this world. By going inside and connecting with your essential self, you will be able to manifest positive outcomes in the external aspects of your life.


You will be shining in your community this month, and assuming a leadership role either by appointment, or through example. You will likely get wind of some surprising, perhaps revolutionary, information, which will affect your role in the community even more. The Full Moon mid-month will bring closure to a creative project or pastime. Nearing Christmas, you will start feeling all the joy of the season, and while friends and family are always important, you will be especially focused on self love at this time. In doing so, you may experience an existential breakthrough and come out with great enthusiasm for an entirely new philosophical or spiritual perspective. At the end of the month, the New Moon will encourage you to connect with the greater cosmos. This will be the perfect time to set intentions for a daily meditation practice, which is bound to provide further enlightenment as your progress. The Mercury Retrograde starting this month additionally encourages you to spend time reconnecting to the greater cosmos through meditation, dream work or prayer. 


You’ll be putting more energy towards organizational skills at work, and your career will benefit from the additional structure you are bringing into your daily tasks and activities. Mid-month, an unexpected change in your finances may motivate your work even further. Continue to utilize tools like to-do lists and daily calendars in order to stay ahead of the game.  The Full Moon on the 13th encourage you to learn from those closest to you in order to optimize your home and family life. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, you may find yourself reconnecting with old friends, however, there may also be some miscommunications during this period. Around Christmas, you may find yourself especially receptive to psychic imagery and spiritual connections. These experiences may come through dreams and meditation as well, and will be very loving and joyful in nature.  On December 29th, the Capricorn New Moon invites you to connect with and start building your community as you work towards a common goal.  You have great potential for community mobilization and leadership at this time.

Ashley's Bio:

Ashley Quinn is an astrological researcher and writer dedicated to accumulating knowledge, detecting trends and sharing meaningful impressions for harnessing planetary powers. Ashley is a second year graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, a certified yoga instructor, and holds a B.A. in Psychology. She is currently engaged in bringing together these disciplines to offer astro guidance and remediation for individuals and couples, and will be taking new clients in the Fall of 2016