Horoscopes August 2016

Monthly Empowerment Progress Report: August 2016

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Are you ready to get the lead out? August starts with a call to action as Mars finally pulls out of intense, watery Scorpio and into the speedy fire sign of Sagittarius. Those that have their bows loaded, aimed and ready to fly, will pull out of the gate the quickest. Saturn turns direct on August 13th, also in Sagittarius, adding to the forward momentum. Be sure to spend the time to focus your aim and get clear on your intentions before Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month. If all your ducks are lined up by that time and your eye is on your prize, you should sail through the potential chaos just fine.

Aries Rising or Sun Sign

“Summer Lovin'” is the name of the game for those born under the sign of the Ram.  Allow your wild, passionate side to make the rules and be sure to indulge your creativity. You may also be challenged to dive into a particular course of study that ignites your curiosity and engages your higher mind. Look for ways to indulge this energy while still keeping it light, loose and fancy free. Perhaps you can blend the energies by learning about and trying your hand at a new creative pursuit! Near the end of the month, you may find your thoughts turning towards the more mundane aspects of life such as health and work, but rest assured there will be plenty of time to focus on “adulting” next month when Mercury turns retrograde. In the meantime, you will be well served to squeeze every ounce of joy and passion out of the last days of Summer. 

Taurus Rising or Sun Sign

Feeling some intensity Taurus? Are you ready for things to lighten up a bit? Things have felt heavy for some time now with both Mars and Saturn in your house of vulnerability. You may have felt like there has been a party going on around you but you can't seem to find your invitation. Take comfort in the idea that it is always darkest before the dawn. Rest assured, as August progresses, so too will your sense of fun and pleasure. The key is to allow yourself to unwind and evolve into a lighter state of being. Change is never easy for the stable and rooted energy of the Bull, so if you feel resistance just imagine yourself moving on to greener pastures where bounty awaits. As you relax, your invitation to the party will suddenly appear in your consciousness and you will finally feel ready to put on your dancing shoes.

Gemini Rising or Sun Sign

As Summer bleeds into Fall, you may find that relationships have taken the forefront, Gemini, especially those closest to you on the home front. This is a good time to do a check-in with those you hold dear. This doesn't have to be a painful process, but it could be if you refuse to take a deeper look into the dynamics in play. Your gift, Gemini, is to stay on the lighter side of life, skimming across the ups and downs like a rock skipping across a placid lake. However, sometimes it is essential to allow yourself to plunge into the murky depths where you will find important information in the undercurrent. This month you are invited to take that deeper look into the dynamics at play in your relationships. It is a perfect time to take things to the next level where you will be richly rewarded with more connection and understanding.

Cancer Rising or Sun Sign

Nobody nurtures like a Cancer. This month it is time to put those loving arms around the more practical issues of life like your personal finances. While the Crab often finds itself seeing to the needs of others, it is always wise to put your own oxygen mask on first. The astro weathers of August indicate that the time has come. How does your savings account look these days? What might need to be shifted in order to build up your reserve? Look to your daily habits for some clues. Even the slightest adjustment to your day to day routine could change the outcome considerably. It might even be time to ask for that raise you know you deserve. Cancer prefers to take the safe route, but this month it could be highly rewarding to stretch and exercise courage in order to be fairly compensated for your precious efforts.

Leo Rising or Sun Sign

August is YOUR month Leo! It’s time to celebrate and appreciate yourself in any way that you choose. Feel free to express yourself in modes that bring your soul to new heights. You might be feeling driven to ignite the fiery passion of your desires and put them on full display for others to appreciate. Don’t hesitate or second guess yourself. You have full permission to allow your inner light to shine as brightly as your ruler, the Sun! Towards the end of the month you might find your attention turning to finances and self-worth. Hopefully you will be feeling love for yourself and what you give to the world. Leos exude a special brand of heart and enthusiasm that the rest of the world deeply needs, so don’t hide your light under a bushel--allow it to envelope anything and everyone you come into contact with!

Virgo Rising or Sun Sign

Be prepared for some vividly creative and potentially sweet dreams this month, gentle Virgo. You will definitely discover some nuggets of wisdom courtesy of your higher self. You may also feel like sticking close to home, tending to your family or garden and allowing yourself to get lost in reverie. It would be best not to resist this pull because the planets are supporting your hiatus with the outside world. It might also be a good time to review old journals and photos, and draw upon the past to inform the future. "Surrender" is your magic word this month because resistance to the inward pull could cause undo stress on your delicate nervous system. Instead allow yourself to sink into the place between worlds, engage your imagination and open yourself to divine inspiration. With Jupiter, planet of growth and optimism, leaving your sign by month’s end, it would be prudent to enjoy every last ounce of those positive vibes. 

Libra Rising or Sun Sign

As the world around you succumbs to the political frenzy, sweet Libra, your brand of peace and understanding has never been more needed. This is your time to step into the light and bring some calm to the madness. If you have ever felt inspired to write a letter to the editor or opinion piece for a major publication, this is the time. Nobody can bring levity and balance to the mass confusion quite like you can. Dig deep for the courage to stand in the middle of the storm and bellow forth your truth. On a personal note, August is a perfect time to dig deep and connect to your aspirations. If the words escape you, try free-writing for a few minutes a day. You might be surprised at the insights that flow from your mind. Trust the process and you will be propelled towards the life of your dreams.

Scorpio Rising or Sun Sign

Ready to put that tail down Scorpio? It may seem like it has been awhile since you could relax your guard. With Mars finally leaving your sign, it's time to step down from the watchtower. The world appreciates your vigilance but all good things must come to an end, after all. While you may have enjoyed your time on the intensity train, the bright light of the noon day sun is calling to you. While it can be challenging to allow yourself to emerge from the deep, dark water, you are being called to soar like an eagle in order to see the higher view. Expect things to heat up in your career or anything that takes you into the limelight. This is a great time to put forth your best self and inspire others with your passionate, take-no-bullshit attitude.

Sagittarius Rising or Sun Sign

The archer is the symbol for the lighthearted, adventurous sign of Sagittarius. In order to hit your mark with efficiency and exactitude it is essential to take the time to pinpoint your target. With Saturn, the planet of focus and diligence, in your sign until December of 2017, you will have plenty of time to perfect your aim. However, for the next two months you have the added addition of Mars, planet of drive and passion, at your back. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, clever Sag. This is a time to get clear on your trajectory. Your usual happy-go-lucky attitude is a great asset to you, but you are being invited to take it up a notch into the realm of devil-may-care. This is a fantastic time to chart your path for the next year and half, and decide how you want to evolve. Allow your faith and optimism to take you higher, and remember nothing will take you down faster than self-doubt.

Capricorn Rising or Sun Sign

Dear, practical Capricorn. Nobody keeps the system functioning quite like you do. Your persistence, focus and pragmatic nature is essential to keep society functioning. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and valued. However, even the most tenacious leaders need a break every once in awhile. This month you are invited to allow yourself to loosen the reigns a bit and engage in a daydream or two. Can you allow yourself to take your hands off the wheel just for a moment, to rest, recharge and get in touch with a more relaxed version of yourself? This is no easy task, as you are undergoing a vast transformation with Pluto in your sign for the past seven years. But in order to fully rise like the phoenix it is essential that you take a breather every now and then. It starts with putting your feet up, closing your eyes and...exhale...

Aquarius Rising or Sun Sign

The time has come to keep your focused and persistent eyes open for new partnership opportunities, Aquarian, especially those that will benefit the greater good, a style of collaboration  you are naturally attuned to. If any brilliant ideas are nagging at you, the time is ripe for laying the groundwork for manifestation. It starts by reaching out to like-minded souls. While you prefer to be the lone wolf, be assured that your vision will take shape in ways even you have not dreamed of with a little help from the tribe. The world simply cannot progress without your unique ability to find the road less traveled. Do not hesitate to share your vision with anyone who will listen. As the saying goes, "it takes a village". However, trust that your particular village will be nothing like the world has ever seen and will achieve things that most have never imagined. 

Pisces Rising or Sun Sign

Pisces are known to have a heightened sense of compassion and empathy. With all the fuss being made over the election, it is quite possible that your nerves are more than a bit fried. Are you ready for some lighthearted fun, gentle Pisces? August is a great time to release all that tension. Whether it be a music festival, monster truck rally or frolic on the beach, you are invited to engage in anything that makes your heart soar. As the Summer comes to an end, you may be feeling like you missed the boat. However, it is not too late to squeeze some juice out of it! In order to sustain the demands of your sensitive nature, it is essential that you let go of the troubles of the world. So whatever floats your boat, do it posthaste! Twirl, cheer, soak and spin to your hearts content. You earned it!

About the Author

Deborah Norton-Kertson has been obsessed with astrology for the past 15 years. She began her studies under the tutelage of Edward Gutierrez of the Druidic Craft of the Wise in 2003. From there she began giving readings for friends and enhancing her knowledge with various books and workshops. In 2014 she became a member of the first cohort of the Portland School of Astrology's First Year Program. In late winter 2016 she graduated from PSA's Second Year Program. Deborah integrates the techniques of Evolutionary Astrology into her readings. The focus of EA is on the evolutionary progression of the Soul which takes into account, past lives, soul contracts and soul missions. Deborah also utilizes her shamanic training to integrate shamanic healing methods for astrological remediation. You can learn more about Deborah at her website www.plutonianslip.com