Herbal Elixirs


Herbal Elixirs

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Herbal Elixirs

Herbal elixirs are plant medicine extractions preserved in brandy and honey. All elixirs are crafted under certain astrological timing and cosmic intention to boost the vibrational energy of the elixir. All herbal elixirs are made with organic or ethically wildcrafted local plants. Honey is raw, local and organic, made with organic grape or cane alcohol (gluten free). Herbal Elixirs can be used medicinally, however because of their sweet and sensual nature, they are also delicious in sparkling water, tea, baked goods, homemade candies, cocktails and for everyday sipping. Wholesale inquiries available. Made by PSA director and teacher, Jaysen Paulson of Cosmophilia.

Hawthorn Elixir: Enraptured by opening to love! Open to the captivating beauty of this earth and our relationships to others and self. Work with powerful earth-magic. Gives heart-centered groundness and gratitude. Recommended during times of grief, apathy toward the world, and improving personal beauty principle. Contains fresh hawthorn berry, leaf and flower. Also great in baked goods or soda water! 

Western Red Cedar Elixir: Dance with the ancestors of both earth and sky! Connect with local beings. Unveil the rainbow bridge between land and the heavens. Gives strength and wisdom of both stellar and material realms. Recommended during times of needed consistency, steadiness and peace. Also great in a martini or other cocktail!

Sakura Cherry Blossom Elixir: Turn the gate of spring-like genesis! Clean and clear decay, clutter and energetic stagnation. Renewing boost to the heart and encourages sociability and being present with beauty now and to come. Recommended when a fresh breath is needed, feeling stuck or dusty or a post. Also great in baked goods!

Oregon High Desert Elixir: limited quantity remaining.

Douglas Fir Elixir: Also great in a martini or other cocktail!

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1oz liquid tincture. Any statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be consumed if pregnant. Please tell your primary care physician when you are on a herbal supplement.