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Antique Charms

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Antique Charms

Each charm has a cute illustration, with the symbol and a word about that sign on the back. Small charms are great for backpacks, cellphones, pendents to wear, zippers, keychains and as a charm. Choose a sign's qualities you wish to embodied, or to remember your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. 

On the back, each sign reads:

Aries: Courageous / Leo: Generous
Virgo: Practical / Capricorn: Ambitious
Gemini: Intelligent / Libra: Charming / Aquarius: Friendly
Cancer: Imaginative / Scorpio: Passionate / Pisces: Intuitive

Note: We received misspelled charms for Taurus and Sagittarius as "Taur" and "Sagetator". They are cute and funny and being sold for a discounted price.

Product Details: Zinc alloy metal (lead/nickel free), about the size of a dime.