Completed 1st-Year Students are welcomed into the program without an interview with the PSA administrator. A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold your spot.The deposit will count toward your total tuition. Space for the 2nd-Year Program is limited. There is no need to fill out the application below. To be a part of the 2nd-Year Program, simply send an email to the school admin at admin@portlandastrology.org if you plan to attend. A deposit will be required to hold your spot.


All new students are subject to availability as we give priority to our 1st-Year Students. If you are interested in joining us for 2nd-Year, contact us and let us know. We will contact you if space is available. We highly recommend taking the 1st-Year Program as many experienced students have done and tell us about their success with expanding on their knowledge in the 1st-Year.

Enrollment to the Portland School of Astrology is contingent on attending an informational session for the 1st-Year Program to determine if PSA and the potential student are a good fit. Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge is at, or above the learning objectives of the 1st-Year Program through an online-equivalence exam. We also ask that potential students read completely the information about the 1st-Year Program before seeking 2nd-Year. Space for the 2nd-Year Program is limited and we grant priority to our 1st-Year Students.

Upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold your spot, due within 14 days. (If the program start date is one month away from when the student enrolls, the deposit is due as soon as possible.) The deposit will count toward your total tuition.

To apply to the program:

  1. Purchase the online-equivalence exam link and read attached documents about the school and it's philosophy.

  2. Apply to the program using the enrollment form below.

  3. Administrator will contact you to schedule an interview to talk about your exam results and to determine if the potential student and PSA are a good fit.

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