Community News and Announcements

Have a community event to send to PSA? Contact us. Community News and Announcements are not for classes, programs outside PSA but rather items that directly or indirectly benefit(s) the astrological community at large. 

March 2018

  • International Society of Black Astrologers (ISBA) is looking for Pateron backers for their upcoming project Starshine 2020, a response to the limited accurate birth info of black people. This project aims to collect quality birthdata for at least 2,000 famous living black people through calendar year 2020. (Sent to PSA from Demetrius Bagley)

February 2018

  • Association for Young Astrologers is looking for proposals from their upcoming magazine The Ascendent. The focus for this issue is a strong PoC contribution. For more information: (Sent to PSA from Demetrius Bagley)


  • NORWAC (34th Annual Northwest Astrological Conference) is looking for both applicants and donations for their annual diversity scholarship for the March conference in Seattle area. (Sent to PSA from Laura Nalbandian)


  • Oregon Astrological Association is looking for applicants to their NORWAC scholarship amongst OAA members. (Sent to PSA via OAA)

January 2018

  • United Astrology Conference (UAC) registration is underway! Learn more and register at: 


  • AFAN Annual Scholarship Announcement. (Sent to PSA from Leisa Schaim of AFAN)

2017 News

  • Donna Cunningham, Astrological elder, prolific writer, speaker, public educator has died at the age of 75. Read a thread on Noel Tyl's website here: (Sent to PSA from JP Hawthorne)