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Join astrological scholar Andrea L. Gehrz for an innovative show, The Astrological Detective—guaranteed to fulfill your weekly dose of intelligent astrological inquiry. Ms. Gehrz regularly calls upon interesting guests--all to test and understand the limits of Astrology in a comical, yet scientific journey into the field of true astrological research. Be prepared for surprises, hilarious interviews, insightful experiments, thought-provoking philosophies, live music and even secret envelopes packed with future predictions.

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Episodes Listing

  1. A Celebration of Astronomy with Infrared Astrophysicist Bob Gehrz

  2. An Examination of Astrology and Consciousness, Questions from an Older Brother
  3. What is Astrology and Why Is It Useful with Judith Hill
  4. Sex and Love Tips and Tricks for All Twelve Signs with sex educator Felicia Shays
  5. Understanding the Qualities of the Planets with Judith Hill
  6. A Tour Through the Zodiacal Signs with Astrological Wordsmith Austin Coppock
  7. A Conversation on the Celestial Vault with Naturalist Ashley Conley
  8. The Secret Envelope Project
  9. What is the Ascendent and Why Is It Important? with Judith Hill
  10. Is It An Inny or an Outie? A Study of the Astrological Significance of the Planets
  11. I've Learned So Much From the Show, Now What Do I Do?
  12. Debrief of the United Astrology Conference
  13. Answers to the Hardest Questions We Astrologers Get Asked with Judith Hill
  14. Celebrating Cancer with Amy Huntz
  15. A Look at the Sun with Sue Gehrz and Just Out Magazine Publishers
  16. A Look at Venus with Fern Capella
  17. A Look at the Moon with Kenneth Miller
  18. A Look into Mercury with Ed Eletto
  19. A Look into Mars with Austin Coppock
  20. A Look into Chiron with Eric Frances
  21. A Look into Jupiter with Angelene
  22. A Look into Uranus with Nick Dagan Best
  23. A Look into Saturn with Jesse
  24. Working Out with the Moon Phases with Claire Galloway
  25. Mental Health and Astrology with David Martin
  26. Tarot and Astrology with Jessica Painter
  27. Uranus Cycles and Queer History with Kelsey Branca

New episodes each week beginning October 13th!