Advertisement Rates

Why is advertising at PSA worth your while?

Our Year-Long Program student population alone has grown exponentially since we opened in 2013. Our overall business has also increased 5x since our opening.

We offer three Year-Long Programs with five cohorts of students from Portland and traveling from around the country, Quarterly Term classes open to the public, distance learning classes, community events, an annual conference, podcast, and horoscopes.

  • Website analytics available upon request.

  • Email campaign analytics available upon request.

  • Social Media analytics available upon request.

  • Class attendee numbers available upon request.

Advertisement: Website

Advertise your content, product or service with us!

1. 150 x 150 square graphic with active hyperlink in footer of each page. Includes a social media blast post per quarter and a continued feature in our newsletter. $100 per quarter. $250 a year (a savings of $150)

2. Relevant blog content with active hyperlink, graphics in PSA blog section. Includes a social media blast. $50 per post. 

3. Have PSA recommend your product or service on our social media networks, subject to approval. Does not include social media boost cost, but is available. $25 per post. 


Sponsorship: Podcast

Get your message across through our free long-running popular podcast program!

1. Three mentions in a single episode, including a specially designed commercial by vocal talent from your script provided. $25 per episode. 


Sponsorship: Horoscopes

Blast your message with our popular free horoscopes!

1. Single advertisement for one month. Graphic only, not content. Includes social media blast. $25 per monthly post.


Sponsorship: Year-Long Programs

Advertise to our exponentially growing student population!

1. Complete blast of your product or service on all Year-Long student materials including schedule, syllabus, live classroom mentions, student login portal. $250 per school year for 1st-Year Program. Add all three Year- Long Programs with five cohorts for only $100 more. (a savings of $400)


Sponsorship: Quarterly Term Programming

Advertise to our exponentially growing student population!

1. Have your product or service displayed at the bottom of each class listing. We typically have between 10-20 classes for Fall, Winter and Spring term. Your graphic or logo is also placed on our printed schedule. Your tagline, name and/or website link on all email confirmation pages for all transactions made from PSA. $250 for one quarter. $500 for one year. (a savings of $500)


Sponsorship: Community Event

We offer a variety of free programming each quarter. Get your name out there!

1. Inquire about current or upcoming community events scheduled for sponsorship. Your graphic or logo on our website class listing, in our print schedule and a live mention during the event by the facilitator. Price depends on event.


Sponsorship: Annual Weekend Conference

Advertise to a large group of local and long distance attendees!

1. Advertise on our conference website page, in our printed program, signage at the event (provided by you or we can make), and live mentions by the host to attendees during the event.


If any of this interests you, please contact us at