New location as of September 2018.

New location as of September 2018.

We are located at 2110 NE 45th Avenue in the Hollywood neighborhood in Portland, OR.

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Our Classes:

We are running classes each term, which students are welcome to sign up for individually and are open to the general public. These classes range from Beginners to Intermediate and Advanced. Please click on Quarterly Schedule tab to see what is currently available.

We are also running three Year-Long Programs. The 125-hour 1st-Year Program is 8-weekends from Fall to Spring. This group will travel together for the 8-weekends and are closed classes available only to those in the program. If you are interested in join us, click on the 1st-Year Program tab for information about our intensive program.

We also have a 2nd-Year Program of 125-hours which runs on a weekday night and a few weekends together. Click on the 2nd-Year Program tab for more information on our intermediate program.

Class Structure

Quarterly Term Schedule

These classes are open to the public and have a listing on them for the skill level desired to take the class. Usually they are a single class or a 4 or 6-week series.

We hold Quarterly Term Classes in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Please check the website for current listings.

Year-Long Programs

Our 1st and 2nd Programs are an enrollment-based cohort that travels together throughout the year and builds on knowledge.

Our 1st-Year Program is Astro-Empowerment.

Our 2nd-Year Program is Astro-Fluency

Conferences and Events

We currently have our annual conference on a different topic each year on President's Day Weekend. We also have a number of events for free or by donation. Check our current listings.

Tuition Cost:

Quarterly Schedule: Pricing for all of our classes will be listed on the event itself in the Quarterly Term Schedule and are payable via the shopping cart on our website. Sliding scale is available on all classes, click on each class to view the scale.

All Year-Long Programs:$1,725 for the 125-hour program (that's less than $14 per instruction hour). Payment plans and scholarship are available.

Click on the 1st-Year Program tab for more information.

Click on the 2nd-Year Program tab for more information.

2nd-Year Program: $1,725 for the 125-hour program (that's less than $14 per instruction hour). Payment plans and scholarship are available.


Our instructors are all local Portland talent who have astrological credentials and teaching experience. The instructors of our quarterly schedule will vary but term, however our teachers in the past have been Rhea Wolf, Andrea L. Gehrz, Jaysen Paulson, Carol Ferris, Corina Dross, Lauren Sage Balin and Christine Cook.

To learn specifically about each instructor, please click on the Faculty tab.