2nd-Year Program


Strengthening the knowledge, skill and craft for the determined student in the

2nd-Year Program at the Portland School of Astrology!

Our Next Session Begins Fall 2018

 Learn the tools and techniques of astrology to employ and become a catalyst for change in your life and the lives of others.

Learn the tools and techniques of astrology to employ and become a catalyst for change in your life and the lives of others.


Enrollment will remain open until the start of the program or until we have filled the program with 12 students. We will update the website if the program is full. Students who have completed the 1st-Year Program are invited to attend the program and bypass the interview process.

Our program admits completed 1st-Year Students first into the 2nd-Year. Students who have not completed the 1st-Year Program, are subject to space availability and will need to schedule an interview with the administrator to determine if PSA and the potential student are a good fit. This will also include the student scoring above 85% on an entrance exam.

Please click the Enroll tab to get started. We'd love to hear from you! Have a simple question you want answered first? Send us an inquiry via our Contact form.


Our 2nd-Year Program builds on what we've learned and covered in the 1st-Year Program, but with slightly less of an embodied focus and more of a technical, skilled-based and synthesis curriculum. For the determined student, 2nd-Year seeks to strengthen the confidence of the student fluency with the language of astrology and introduce consultation skills into the diversity of classes offered.

Although this is a grade-free school, we do assign homework and have one final essay, two practice chart clinics and a student case study. The homework is designed to reinforce what we have learned from the lesson prior, which help to solidify the information and spark thoughtfulness. Full-Time faculty Rhea, Jaysen and Andrea work to create a safe space to share, grow and learn together as sometimes there is a vulnerability to student's chart and respect is high priority at PSA. 

At the end of the program, given that the student has met the requirement for attendance and had completed homework assignments and exams, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Portland School of Astrology with 125 completed hours of training for the 2nd-Year Program.



Delineation and Technique 201: Rectification and Chart Calculation, Intro to Casting Electional Charts, Intro to Vocational Charts, 3 official Synthesis Practice Sessions (although this is done throughout the program)

Cycles and Timing 201: Detailed Transit Calculation, Timing with the Moon and Planets,  Orb is an Oversimplification: Aspects in dEtail

Relationships 201: Sex and Sexuality, Intimacy, Planets on the Descendent

Ethics 201: Ethical Practices in Working with Clients, Counseling and Coaching Conversations with Clients, Identifying Shitty Astro, Astrological Self Defense 

Business 201: Business Skill Development, Writing and Communication

Topics in Astrology 201: Past Lives and Karma, the Houses in Depth and History, Planetary Condition, the Asteroid Goddesses, Intro to Vocational Astrology, Intro to Mundane Astrology, Intro to Electional Astrology

Medical Astrology 201: Astrology of Mental Health

Psychic Skills 201: Developing the Intuition

Personal Exploration and Reflection 201: Astro-Tell All, 3 Discovery Sessions

Social Events: Astro Potluck, Student Mixer, Astro Karaoke, NORWAC rally

Student Case Study: Students will develop their own student case studies to present during the year.

Conference Admission: free admission to the PSA annual weekend conference and admission to an online astrology conference.

Chart Synthesis Clinic: Students will have two sessions giving mini-readings to 1st-Year Students and 2nd-Year Student's friends.

Electives: Students are given electional credit for classes in the PSA Quarterly Term Schedule. Students are able to apply toward 4 single classes or one longer series class. Students are responsible for satisfying this requirement.

OMSI Planetarium Field Trip: We will be taking a field trip to the OMSI Planetarium!


2nd-Year Instructors

  PSA is proud to have  internationally known astrologer Demetra George as part of the Adjunct Faculty for 2nd-Year, who has been a practicing astrologer and research scholar for almost 50 years.

PSA is proud to have  internationally known astrologer Demetra George as part of the Adjunct Faculty for 2nd-Year, who has been a practicing astrologer and research scholar for almost 50 years.

2nd-Year Program Faculty include Full-Time Instructors Jaysen Paulson, Rhea Wolf, Andrea L. Gehrz and Adjunct Instructors Gary Lorentzen, Iris Mae Misciagna. We are also thrilled to have special guests Jessica Lanyadoo from San Francisco and Demetra George from Eugene. To learn more, read biographies and see the adjunct faculty of the 2nd-Year Program, click on the Faculty tab.


Recommended Reading

Aspects in Astrology - Sue Thompkins

Planets in Transit - Rob Hand

The Twelve Houses - Howard Sasportas

The Changing Sky - Steven Forrest (students receive a 20% discount on this text when purchased from PSA)

Astrological Remediation - Andrea L. Gehrz (students receive a 20% discount on this text when purchased from PSA)


2017/2018 School Year Dates

The Portland School of Astrology conducts it’s 2nd-Year Program on a mixture of weekends days (not all are attendance mandatory) and Monday nights from 7-9pm, September to June. PSA does have an attendance policy. If you have to miss more than 18 hours, this program might not be right for you at this time. Attendance to the online conference, PSA annual conference weekend, Astro Mixer, Astro Karaoke, NORWAC, electives, and OMSI field trip are up to the student discretion and are not needed for certificate of completion, although highly recommended!

PSA does have an attendance policy and students must be able to attend the first and last weekend of the program.

*dates for 2018/2019 have not yet been decided.



After 4 years in the Hollywood district, we will be moving just prior to the start of our school year. Check back for updates.


Tuition Cost

Tuition cost is $1,725

  • Deposit: $200 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit is required to hold your spot. The deposit amount does apply toward your total tuition.
  • Payment in Full: $1,525 is due September 1st. Check, money order, or credit card transaction via our website.
  • Payment Plan: $662.50 (half of the tuition) is due September 1st along with 8 payments of $108 in the form of post-dated checks, dated for the 1st of the month from October to May (we do not accept monthly cash payments or web-based processors like PayPal or Venmo). If the deposit was never paid, then $862.50 (half of the tuition) is due on September 1st.

Scholarship Information:  There are general education scholarships through the Association For Astrological Networking (AFAN) (awarded each Winter) that you can apply for. Often times the Oregon Astrological Association (OAA) offers educational scholarships as well. Check to see if the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship is awarding for 2nd-Year Students.

If you want to be notified of upcoming scholarship opportunities, join our mailing list!

If you are interested in donating to support a student for PSA 2nd-Year Program through the Jen Gouvea Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any prerequisites to the 2nd-Year Program? Yes. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the study of astrology. Student who have completed PSAs 1st-Year Program are welcome to attend.
  • I didn't take the 1st-Year Program, how can I know if I qualify for 2nd-Year? We give priority to our current students first before welcoming anyone into the 2nd-Year Program from outside of PSA. Please contact us if you are interested. We require new students to take an online equivalency exam and have an interview with the administrator to determine if the student is an adequate level as our 1st-Year Students. Click here to learn more.
  • I successfully completed the 1st-Year Program. Do I need to have an interview with PSA? An interview is not required. You may enroll immediately. 


Student Perks

There are several perks to being a student at PSA. As a 2nd-Year Program student, you will receive…

  • Jim Maynard pocket ephemeris calendar for 2019.
  • A complimentary year-long membership to the Oregon Astrological Association in Portland, to further your astrological study outside of the school with monthly events and network with other astrologers in the area. Please take advantage of this, as it offers an opportunity to meet and work with other astrologers!
  • Community exposure and networking possibilities within the group of students and the faculty of PSA.
  • Discounts on other PSA Quarterly Term classes (click Quarterly Schedule tab).
  • Discounts on non-PSA teacher events.
  • Discounts in the School Store (online and in-house).
  • Discounts to AstrologyUniversity.com lecture library from internationally recognized astrologers.
  • Access to our in-house Jen Gouvea Memorial Library.
  • A color copy of your personal chart to be used in class.
  • Opportunities for work-trade at a greater discount than student discount.
  • Complimentary organic tea at class.